Chicago Fire: Season 7

Episode 1; A Closer Eye

Episode 2; Going To War

Episode 3; Thirty Percent Slight Of Hand

Episode 4; This Isn't Charity

Episode 5; A Volatile Mixture

Episode 6; All The Proof

Episode 7; What Will Define You

Episode 8; The Solution To Everything

Episode 9; Always A Catch

Episode 10; Inside These Walls

Episode 11; You Choose

Episode 12; Make This Right

Episode 13; The Plunge

Episode 14; It Wasn't About Hockey

Episode 15; What I Saw

Episode 16; Fault In Him

Episode 17; Move A Wall

Episode 18; No Such Thing As Bad Luck


  1. What church was used in filming Benny's funeral. It looks familiar.

  2. Yes it was just used for Olinsky's funeral plus other things through the years.