Chicago PD: Season 5 - Episode 20; Saved

  • (0:03)  Voight Meeting Hannah In A Coffee Shop But Then She Decides To Sneak Out Through The Back Door / Cafe Jumping Bean; 1439 W. 18th Street, Chicago (Note: She Exits Onto S. Bishop Street Then Goes East In The Alley And South In A SUV To Go Back Toward S. Bishop Street)

  • (0:07)  Ruzek And Voight Check Out A Bank Robbery In Progress / 4050 S. Archer Street, Chicago

  • (0:28)  The Unit Busting In On Warren Tagerty's Place Looking For The Suspects / 1758 W. 21st Street, Chicago

  • (0:33)  Voight On His Way Out Of The Prosecutor's Office / Garfield Park Fieldhouse; 100 N. Central Park Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:35)  The Unit Going To A Car Lot To Confirm That Mike And Hannah Are There / Apollo Motors; 2457 N. Cicero Avenue, Chicago

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