Chicago PD: Season 5 - Episode 15; Sisterhood

  • (0:00)  Atwater Undercover At A Bar Trying To Do A Drug Deal That Doesn't End Up Happening / Redwood Lounge; 3200 S. Wallace Street, Chicago

  • (0:03)  The Unit Finding The House Where The Initiation Took Place / 4400 S. Princeton Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:11)  The Unit Going Into The Rapists' House To Find Them Dead Inside / 2927 S. Arch Street, Chicago

  • (0:13)  Voight Meeting With Gang Leader Pena At A Night Club / Los Globos; 3059 S. Central Park Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:18)  Halstead And Upton At A Pool Hall / Billares Lucky Green Pool Hall; 4078 W. 26th Street, Chicago

  • (0:21)  Atwater And Ruzik At A Pizza Place Interviewing A Potential Witness / Blue Frog Thai; 2951 S. Archer Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:23)  Dawson And Atwater Asking About Veronica / 31st Street Harbor; 3100 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago (Note: They Look To Be At The South Part Of The Harbor)

  • (0:24)  The Unit Busting In On A Drug House / 4452 S. Shields Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:26)  Burgess Chasing And Eventually Catching Up To Tina At A Rec Center / Armour Square Park; 3309 S. Shields Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:30)  Tina Going To Q's House / 3243 S. Wells Street, Chicago

  • (0:38)  The Unit Watching Q Double Cross Them And Kill Pena / S. Senour Avenue And S. Hillock Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Takes Place In A Private Area Northeast Of That Intersection Near The River)

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