Chicago PD: Season 5 - Episode 16; Profiles

  • (0:04)  The Television Station Where The Bomb Went Off / 1400 W. Washington Blvd, Chicago (Note: The Guy Watching From Across The Street Is 1355 W. Washington And This Is A Fake Television Station)

  • (0:13)  Eric Mitchell Being Blown Up From A Bomb In His Mailbox / 1035 E. 48th Street, Chicago (Note: I Believe All Of The Mail Boxes Seen Along The Road Were Put In For This Scene)

  • (0:17)  Bombing Suspect Mark's House / 1728 W. 17th Street, Chicago

  • (0:23)  The Exterior Of The 21st District / UIC Police Station; 943 W. Maxwell Street, Chicago

  • (0:26)  Olinsky Meeting With An Old Friend At A Restaurant / Coyotes Restaurant; 1451 W. 18th Street, Chicago

  • (0:29)  New Bombing Suspect Larry Shepherd's Last Known Address / 4371 S. Oakenwald Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:31)  Ruzek And Voight Walking Into The Precinct / Cinespace Studios; 2609 W. 16th Street, Chicago (Note: The Studio Is On Gated Private Property)

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