Chicago PD: Season 4 - Episode 23; Fork In The Road

  • (0:13)  Voight Leaving The Police Station / UIC Police Station; 943 W. Maxwell Street, Chicago

  • (0:16)  Lindsay Talking To Her Mother Up In An Alley / 1162 W. Arcade Place, Chicago

  • (0:19)  Looking For Bunny At Her Bar / The Village Inn; 4035 S. Wallace Street, Chicago

  • (0:20)  Voight On Top Of A Parking Garage Giving Bunny's Contacts To The Lady From The F.B.I. / Imperial Parking; 1640 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago

  • (0:24)  Bunny Getting Arrested By the F.B.I. / 2800 S. Canal Street, Chicago (Note: She Was Traveling South On Canal When They Stopped Her At The 28th Street Intersection)

  • (0:37)  Voight Throwing Bunny's Glasses Into The Garbage Truck / 2405 W. 14th Street, Chicago

  • (0:41)  Lindsay On A Bridge Thinking About Her Past And Her Future / W. 18th Street Bridge, Chicago (Note: This Is Close To The East Side Of The Bridge With Lindsay Looking North)


  1. The Chicago Police department is one of a kind television series and its one of the most thrilling and action filled series on the television. Good to see the original filming locations.

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  3. thank you for these locations and photos!