New Life

  • (0:02)  Young Ben's New House / 1202 E. Main Street, Warsaw

  • (0:03)  Teen Ava Chasing After Teen Ben On A Pier / Still Searching For This Location

  • (0:04)  Ben And Ava's Prom / Maple Leaf Farms; 101 W. Church Street, Leesburg (Note: This Was Filmed At An Old School Gymnasium But It Is A Private Location That Is Not Open To The General Public)

  • (0:04)  Ava And Her Friend Monique At A Coffee House / Light Rail Cafe And Roaster; 1000 Park Avenue, Winona Lake

  • (0:06)  Ben And His Friend Michael Picking Up Three Businessmen In Their Limo / Silveus Insurance; 1037 Mariners Drive, Warsaw

  • (0:06)  Dropping Off The Three Businessmen At Their Destination / North Pointe Professional Center; 1019 Mariners Drive, Warsaw

  • (0:07)  Ava At The College Library Studying With David / Grace College Morgan Library; 200 Seminary Drive, Winona Lake (Note: The Library Is On The North Side Of Campus On The Northwest Corner Of Wooster Road And McClain Drive)

  • (0:09)  First Look At Ava's Dorm / Westminster Hall; 105 9th Street, Winona Lake

  • (0:10)  Headquarters Garage For The Limo Company / City Of Winona Lake Town Hall; 1310 Park Avenue, Winona Lake (Note: There Are Several Garage Doors On The Side Of The Building And The Correct One Is The Corner One Closest To The Canal At About 105 Fort Wayne Street)

  • (0:11)  The Restaurant For Ben And Ava's Date / One Ten Craft Craft Meatery; 110 N. Buffalo Street, Warsaw

  • (0:15)  Ben And Michael Eating Lunch In A Park Setting / Across The Street From 605 Terrace Drive, Winona Lake

  • (0:16)  Ava On A Date With David / 110 N. Buffalo Street, Warsaw (Note: They Are In Front Of The Same Restaurant Seen Earlier For Ben And Ava's Date)

  • (0:17)  Ave And Ben Reuniting / 901 College Avenue, Winona Lake (Note: Ben Is Driving On 9th Street When He Spots Ava)

  • (0:18)  Ava's Classroom / Grace College Mount Memorial Hall; 901 College Avenue, Winona Lake (Note: The Filming Took Place On The Third Floor Of The Building In A Private Classroom For Grace College)

  • (0:19)  The Church For Ben And Ava's Wedding / Free Methodist Church Of Winona Lake; 902 College Avenue, Winona Lake (Note: The Entrance Used In The Movie Was On The 9th Street Side Of The Building)

  • (0:20)  First Look At Ben And Ava's House / 1306 W. Canal Street, Winona Lake (Note: Most Of The Interiors Were Filmed Inside A Different House On The Other Side Of The Lake)

  • (0:21)  Ben's Work Place / Maple Leaf Farms Cooperate Offices; 101 W. Church Street, Leesburg (Note: This Place Is Not Open To The Public)

  • (0:39)  The Spot Where Ava Gets Sick On Her Way Home / Still Searching For This Location

  • (0:42)  Ben Shaving Ava's Head / Behind 1107 Country Club Lane, Warsaw

  • (0:44)  The Place Where Ava Is Undergoing Chemotherapy Treatments / 2938 Frontage Road, Warsaw

  • (0:51)  Ava And Ben Walking Across A Foot Bridge / Between 1205 And 1208 Canal Street, Winona Lake (Note: They Are Walking East)

  • (0:52)  Ben Notices The Boat / City Of Winona Lake Town Hall; 1310 Park Avenue, Winona Lake (Note: The Boat Is Located At The Back Of The Building And The Fence Was Made For The Movie And Is Not Really There)

  • (0:57)  An Emotional Ben And Ava Outside Of The Hospital In The Rain / Goshen Imaging Center; 1115 Professional Drive, Goshen

  • (1:05)  Ben Taking Ava Home From The Hospital For The Final Time / Goshen Health; 200 High Point Avenue, Goshen

  • (1:06)  The Cemetery For Ava's Funeral / Oakwood Cemetery; 421 N. Maple Avenue, Warsaw

  • (1:19)  Ben Going To France To Pick Up Noey / Carmelite Monastery; 27601 CA-1, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA

  • (1:23)  Ben And Noey On The Boat, Winona Lake; Winona Lake (Note: The Close Up Shots Were Actually Filmed On The Pacific Ocean)

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