Hard Rain

This Movie Was Filmed In Huntingburg Indiana But Because They Needed The Town To Be Flooded They Recreated A Lot Of The Locations In An Airline Hanger Type Of Soundstage. This Is Easily One Of The Most Unusual Movies I Have Worked On When It Comes To Figuring Out These Locations. There Isn't A Dam Around Huntingburg

  • (0:03)  The Local Residents Evacuating Town / 327 E. 4th Street, Huntingburg (Note: The Camera Is Looking East In The First Two Screen Shots. Also, There Is Not An Actual Statue In The Center Of Town)

  • (0:05)  Tom And Uncle Charlie Leaving The Last Bank / 420 E. 4th Street, Huntingburg

  • (0:07)  The Bar Where Jim And His Men Are Waiting At / Still Searching For This Location

  • (0:10)  Spot Where The Money Truck Gets Stuck / I Believe This Location Was Fake But Was Suppose To Be South Of Huntingburg On State Road 231

  • (0:11)  Henry And Doreen's Place / Soundstage Set

  • (0:19)  Tom Hiding The Money At The Cemetery / Fairmont Cemetery; 906 S. Main Street, Huntingburg (Note: The Cemetery Scenes Were Actually Shot In A Controlled Environment Recreated From Some Aspects From The Real Cemetery)

  • (0:21)  Tom Being Chased Into Huntingburg Middle School School / This School Was Recreated On A Soundstage Set)

  • (0:35)  The Location Of The Jail / This Was Fake For the Movie But The Building Seen Across The Street Would Have Made The Address In The 300 Block Of East 4th Street, Huntingburg (Note: The Address Of One Those Two Building Is 319 E. 4th Street)

  • (1:08)  The Church / Salem United Church Of Christ; 202 E. 4th Street, Huntingburg (Note: The Buildings Seen Around The Church Are Fake And Not There In Real Life And The Interior Was Obviously Recreated)  

  • (1:12)  Karen's House / Soundstage Set


  1. Watching this great movie now. It's a cool one for sure. Suspenseful music and all!

  2. I was on the set for craft services for the special fx team. This was a hanger in Palmdale, CA. It was at plant 42. It would be best not to try to take photos of the area, though. I remember how they had a backdrop all around the inside of the hanger, with lights placed carefully in certain areas where the fabric was cut, to make it look like lights in the distance. On the inside of that there was a 4 ft deep pool for the scenes of the flooded city and a 3/4 mock up of the town in Indiana, where other parts of the movie was being filmed. It was a very interesting set.

  3. I worked on the visual effects team for this film. The company I worked for was hired by the production company to build miniatures of the buildings in the town. We also built a dam in 1/8th scale and another version of it in 1/4 scale. We then destroyed these miniatures in whatever way the script dictated. We had three big metal barrels welded together filled with water that we would tip over when we needed to show the water flooding into the town. We also had to film our damn breaking and water pouring through it. It was fun and tiring working in that water every day for 8 months. We built and filmed this in a warehouse in Canoga Park, CA. I visited the live set at the big hanger one day to pick something up or drop something off. It was huge. It was pretty cool seeing the full size buildings there that we had built miniatures of.