Chicago Med: Season 2

I Am Going To Be Listing The Locations For All Of Season 2 On This Page. 
The Hospital Used Is Still Rush University Medical Center At 1653 W. Congress PKWY

Thank You To Matt Shepherd For Telling Me About The Panda Bear Location

  • Episode 1 (Soul Care)  -  The Helicopter Landing / University Of Chicago Medical Center Helipad; 5758 S. Maryland Avenue, Chicago (Note: The View Is Looking A Little Bit Northwest

  • Episode 1 (Soul Care)  -  Dr. Charles Visiting Dr. Reese At Her New Job At A Coffee House / Bridgeport Coffeehouse; 5030 S. Cornell Avenue, Chicago

  • Episode 1 (Soul Care)  -  Dr. Charles Waiting For His Daughter To Get Off The Bus / 4901 S. Kimbark Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Is On The Southeast Corner Of S. Kimbark Avenue And E. 49th Street)

  • Episode 1 (Soul Care)  -  Dr. Manning Talking With Jeff Clark Outside Of Molly's / W. 16th Street At S. Fairfield Avenue, Chicago (Note: I Consider This The Other Molly's Exterior Because It Is Real Close To The Studio)

  • Episode 4 (Brother's Keeper)  -  Dr. Clark Arriving At The Hospital With Dr. Manning / 670 S. Paulina Street, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Looking North)

  • Episode 4 (Brother's Keeper)  -  Dr. Halstead Dropping Off Dr. Shore / W. Flournoy Street At Marshfield Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Looking North)

  • Episode 5 (Extreme Measures)  -  Nurse Sexton Working At The Medical Station For The Race / E. Congress Parkway, Chicago (Note: The Road Seen Is The East Bound Lanes With The Camera Looking West)

  • Episode 5 (Extreme Measures)  -  Dr. Halstead And Dr. Shore Running In The Race / S. Wabash Avenue Just South Of E. Van Buren Street, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Looking North)

  • Episode 5 (Extreme Measures)  -  Sexton Running To An Accident Between A Vehicle And A Bike / E. Congress Plaza Drive, Chicago (Note: This Is Just South Of Congress Parkway)

  • Episode 5 (Extreme Measures)  -  Dr. Halstead And Dr. Shore Passing The Finish Line Long After The Race Competition Was Completed / E. Balbo Avenue At S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Obviously Looking East Toward Lake Michigan)

  • Episode 5 (Extreme Measures)  -  Dr. Rhodes And Sharon Goodwin Enjoying Drinks By The River / 355 E. Chicago Riverwalk, Chicago (Note: They Are Between The Columbus Drive Bridge And The Lake Shore Drive Bridge On The South Side Of The River)

  • Episode 7 (Inherent Bias)  -  April Sexton Has A Coughing Fit As She Walks Out Of Molly's / 2725 W. 16th Street, Chicago (Note: She Is On The S. Fairfield Avenue Side Of The Corner Building)

  • Episode 7 (Inherent Bias)  -  Dr. Choi And Dr. Reese Searching For Danny Near A Bridge / Franklin Avenue Bridge, Chicago (Note: They Are On The North Side Of The River With The Camera Looking East Toward The Bridge)

  • Episode 8 (Free Will)  -  Dr. Reese And Dr. Choi Still Looking For Danny / 950 S. Wells Street, Chicago (Note:This Spot Is Actually Under The Roosevelt Road Bridge. The Camera Is Looking North In The Screen Shot)

  • Episode 8 (Free Will)  -  Dr. Charles Walking Past The Art Institute / 111 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

  • Episode 8 (Free Will)  -  Dr. Charles And Dr. Reese Talking At The Hospital Chapel / J. Hall Taylor Memorial Chapel; 1717 W. Congress Pkwy, Chicago (Note: This Is In The Kellogg Building On The First Floor)

  • Episode 11 (Graveyard Shift)  -  The Panda Bear Recovering At The Zoo / Cinespace Studios, Chicago

  • Episode 13 (Theseus' Ship)  -  Dr. Rhodes And Dr. Latham At A Hotel / Hilton Chicago Indian Lakes Resort; 250 W. Schick Road, Bloomingdale

  • Episode 14 (Cold Front)  -  Big Crash On A Highway / Amstutz Expressway, Waukegan (Note: This Is A Little North Of The Grand Avenue Exit)

  • Episode 17 (Monday Mourning)  -  Dr. Wheeler Falls To His Death From The Roof Of The Hospital / 610 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Earlier Shot When He Gets Off The Elevator Was Not Shot There)

  • Episode 20 (Generation Gap)  -  Dr. Halstead's Father's Residence / 2127 S. Christiana Avenue, Chicago

  • Episode 21 (Deliver Us)  -  Dr. Robyn Charles' Apartment Building / 725 W. Diversey Pkwy, Chicago

  • Episode 23 (Love Kills)  -  Noah's Graduation Party / 355 E. Chicago Riverwalk, Chicago (Note: This Is On The South Side Of The River And East Of The Columbus Drive Bridge)

  • Episode 23 (Love Kills)  -  Dr. Charles Getting Shot Outside Of The Hospital / Rush University Medical Center; 1620 W. Harrison Street, Chicago (Note: My Address Is Roughly Where The Shooting Took Place And Not The Actual Address For The Hospital)


  1. I'm wondering if the hospital chapel is Elmhurst Memorial Hospital in south Elmhurst, Il . The hospital is located on York Rd in south Elmhurst just before Oak Brook, IL. The hospital can be seen from Roosevelt Rd.

  2. The building that Dr. Wheeler falls to his death is actually at 610 S. Michigan Ave, Venue Six10 is used for this scene and others that have Grant Park as the backdrop (Including where Reese teaches the students with the baby simulation dolls.)

    1. You are totally correct. Thank you for the correction.

  3. Where is Dr. Robyn Charles' cool apartment building located? How old?

    1. Sorry I was a little slow in updating the page.

  4. Where is the very end of Episode 22 filmed? Where Dr. Charles is outside of a hospital building. Is that Rush?

  5. What's the name of restaurant/bar on the river with the Hawaiian theme and where is it located?

  6. It's Island Party Hut the address is
    355 Chicago Riverwalk, Chicago, IL 60601