Gilmore Girls: Season 4 - Episode 19; "Afterboom"

  • (0:01)  Luke Going To File For Divorce At A Mailboxes Etc. / Warner Bros; Midwest Street, Burbank (Note: This Spot Is Between The Pizza Place And Stars Hollow Books And It Has Changed A Lot Since The Episode Was Made)

  • (0:06)  Jason Stiles Driving To The Country Club / Griffith Park; Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles (Note: This Is Just South Of Western Heritage Way And He Is Driving By Harding Golf Course)

  • (0:10)  Jason Stiles At The Golf Club Getting Blown Off By One Of His Clients / Tregnan Golf Academy; 4341 Griffith Park Drive, Los Angeles (Note: This Is Not A Full Golf Course But Actually A Practice Facility In Griffith Park Just North Of Los Feliz Blvd)

  • (0:39)  A Sad Lane Goes To Check On Her Sleeping Mother / Warner Bros; Midwest Residential Street, Burbank

  • (0:40)  Lorelai Breaks Up With Jason Because He Tells Her He Is Going To Sue Her Father / Warner Bros; French Street, Burbank (Note: This Is Next Door To Weston's Bakery And Is Actually The Stars Hollow Video Building)