• (0:03)  Greg Calling From City Hall / 200 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:04)  The First View Of the Motel In The Desert / 4 Aces; 14999 E. Avenue Q, Palmdale

  • (0:05)  George York's Vehicle Getting A Flat Tire In The Rain / Still Searching for This Location

  • (0:06)  Paris Losing Her Shoe That Would Eventually Blow Out The Tire Of George York / Roughly 150th Street E. Just South Of Ave L-8, Lancaster

  • (0:08)  Ed Accidentally Hitting Alice York With The Limo / Still Searching For This Location

  • (1:16)  Rhodes And Robert Maine Escaping From Police Custody / 145th Street East, Palmdale (Note: This Is A Little Bit South Of 183rd Street East And It Is A Half Mile North Of The 4 Aces Location. The Camera Is Looking North)

  • (1:23)  Leaving The Underground Garage / 200 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles (Note: The Garage Is Part Of City Hall And The Camera Is Looking Southeast)

  • (1:24)  Paris' House / Still Searching For This Exact Location

  • (1:26)  Road Where The Killer Kills The Doctor / Roughly 35600 Lake Hughes Road, Lake Hughes (Note: They Are Traveling Northeast)

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