ER - The Rest Of The Chicago Area Locations

On This Page I Listed All Of The Memorable Chicago Locations And Listed Them In Episode Order. Some Locations Are Not Listed But They Can Be Found On The Episode By Episode Listing.

Season 1:
  • (Episode 5)  Dr. Ross Going To An Apartment To Drop Off A Prescription / The Yale Apartments; 6565 S. Yale Avenue, Chicago

  • (Episode 11)  Dr. Ross Being Dropped Off At A Restaurant / The Park Hyatt; 800 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago (Note: Later On Dr. Ross Crosses Chicago Avenue While Going South On Michigan Avenue)

  • (Episode 15)  Small Plane Crash / Northerly Park; 1400 S. Lynn White Drive, Chicago

  • (Episode 17)  Nurse Hathaway Walking Away From A Huge Church / Saint Michael's Church; 1633 N. Cleveland Avenue, Chicago

Season 2:
  • (Episode 2)  Hathaway With The Ambulance Crew At A Shooting / E. Harrison Street At S. Holden Court, Chicago (Note: The El Track Has Been Rearranged A Little Since This Episode Was Made)

  • (Episode 2)  Responding To A Possible Seizure / 650 N. Streeter Street, Chicago (Note: This Is Right Next To Navy Pier)

  • (Episode 6)  Dr. Greene Coming Out Of Union Station To Make A Call / 218 S. Riverside Plaza, Chicago (Note: This Is Just South Of The Adams Street Bridge)

  • (Episode 7)  Dr. Ross Pulls Over Because Of A Flat Tire / 20 S. Columbus Drive, Chicago (Note: This Area Has Changed A Lot Since The Episode Was Made)

  • (Episode 9)  Nurse Hathaway Making Sure Her Old Patient Is Warm / Southwest Corner Of E. Monroe Street And S. Columbus Drive, Chicago (Note: Most Of This Structure Has Since Been Removed)

  • (Episode 13)  Dr. Greene And Dr. Ross Leaving A Restaurant / 75 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago

  • (Episode 14)  Carter At The Cemetery / Oak Woods Cemetery; 1272 E. 67th Street, Chicago (Thanks To Owen From The When Write Is Wrong Website For This Location)

  • (Episode 15)  Dr. Ross Shows Up At His Father's Hotel / Hotel 71; 71 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago

  • (Episode 16)  Dr. Ross Waiting For His Father / United Center; 1901 W. Madison Street, Chicago (Note: This Is On The North Side Of The Arena)

  • (Episode 20)  The Fire House / 324 S. Des Plaines Street, Chicago

  • (Episode 21)  Dr. Lewis Stopping Into A Church / Saint Paul's Catholic Church; 2127 W. 22nd Place, Chicago

    Season 3:
    • (Episode 1)  The Softball Game / University Of Illinois Chicago; 901 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago

    • (Episode 5)  Nurse Hathaway Going To College / Malcolm X College; 1900 W. Van Buren Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 15)  The Market Where The Robbery Took Place / 1816 W. Wilson Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Is No Longer A Market)

    • (Episode 15)  Duncan Being Shot Behind The Market / Behind 4540 N. Wolcott Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Is Actually In Front Of The Grocery Store Along The El Tracks)

    • (Episode 16)  Jeanie Boulet And Dr. Fischer Having A Frozen Picnic / Washington Square Park; 901 N. Clark Street, Chicago (Thanks To Richard Poemape For The Find)

    Season 4:
    • (Episode 10)  Dr. Greene Talking With Chris Law / 1107 S. Racine Avenue, Chicago

    • (Episode 16)  Dr. Benton And Dr. Corday Outside Of A Museum; Field Museum Of Natural History; 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

    • (Episode 20)  Dr. Carter Going To The Kenner Institute / 721 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago

    Season 5:
    • (Episode 8)  Dr. Carter Talking With A Bellman / Feast Restaurant; 25 E. Delaware Place, Chicago

    • (Episode 8)  Dr. Carter Spots The Man At The El Station / Sedgwick Station; 1533 N. Sedwick Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 8)  Dr. Carter And Lucy At A Football Field / Soldier Field; 1410 Museum Campus Drive, Chicago

    • (Episode 14 And 15)  School Bus Crash / N. Canal Street At W. Fulton Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 15)  Dr. Ross In A Car Crash With Jeanie Boulet In The Car / N. Clinton Street, Chicago (Note: This Is A Little South Of Kinzie Street)

    • (Episode 19)  Dr. Greene And Dr. Corday Running To The Hotel / Renaissance Hotel; 1 W. Wacker Drive, Chicago

    Season 6:
    • (Episode 1)  Nurse Hathaway Goes To A Coffee Shop To Later Have A Car Crash Though The Window / 180 N. Wacker Drive, Chicago

    • (Episode 2)  Dr. Carter And Dr. Malucci Running To A Construction Accident / 324 N. Jefferson Street, Chicago (Note: There Is Now A Building Located At That Spot)

    • (Episode 13)  Dr. Greene With His Father / N. Michigan Avenue And E. Pearson Street, Chicago (Note: They Are On The Northwest Corner Of the Intersection)

    • (Episode 15)  Dr. Kovac Helps A Little Girl Who Was Hit By A Car / 1407 W. Ohio Street, Chicago (Note: The Cars Were Going East When The Car Hit Her Just West Of The Noble Street Intersection)

    • (Episode 15)  Nurse Hathaway Trying To Track Down The Girls At Their School / Northwestern Memorial Hospital; 303 E. Superior Street, Chicago (Note: The Address Is Where The Actual Scene Took Place)

    Season 7:
    • (Episode 4)  Dr. Benton Trying To Talk To A Man That Is In A Hurry / 11 E. Grand Avenue, Chicago (Note: They Are On The N. Wabash Avenue Side Of The Building)

    • (Episode 4)  Some Doctors Playing Hockey / Johnny's Ice House; 1350 W. Madison Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 14)  Dr. Kovac Checking On Bishop Stewart / 735 N. State Street, Chicago (Note: The Entrance Has Changed A Little And The Interior Is Not At The Same Location)

    • (Episode 20)  Dr. Benton At A Retirement Home / 213 W. Institute Place, Chicago (Note: This Place Is Not Really A Retirement Home)

    Season 9:
    • (Episode 9)  Dr. Pratt Trying To Get His Brother's Job Back / 1116 W. Leland Avenue, Chicago

    • (Episode 15)  Dr. Weaver Seeing A Man Get Hit By A Car After He Steals Her Purse / 720 N. Franklin Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 16)  Dr. Pratt And Dr. Gallant Being Pulled Over As Suspects In A Murder / 310 W. Huron Street, Chicago

    Season 10:
    • (Episode 1)  The Carpooler's House / 1532 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago

    • (Episode 3)  Dr. Pratt And Dr. Chen Coming Out Of A Restaurant / 2216 S. Wentworth Avenue, Chicago

    • (Episode 14)  Dr. Carter Taking Kem Ice Skating / 101 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Is Straight East Of Where Washington Avenue Ends)

    • (Episode 18)  Dr. Gallant Leaving / 343 S. Dearborn Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 22)  Dr. Kovac Helping A Woman Who Was Hurt In An Accident / 1421 S. State Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 22)  Neela At The Medical School In Ann Arbor Michigan / 1819 W. Polk Street, Chicago

    Season 11:
    • (Episode 1)  Dr. Pratt's Car Crashing Into The River / Just West Of The Franklin Street Bridge, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Looking North As The Crash Took Place South Of The River)

    • (Episode 5)  Neela Jogging By A Fountain / Buckingham Fountain; 501 S. Columbus Drive, Chicago

    • (Episode 10)  The Gangsters Run Over A Cat / 1140 N. Cherry Avenue, Chicago

    • (Episode 14)  Dr. Weaver Walking Into A Hotel / Chicago Hilton; 700 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

    • (Episode 14)  Dr. Weaver Going To See Her Mother At A Church / Saint Joseph Church; 1107 N. Orleans Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 17)  Dr. Carter Looking At The Plans For The Proposed New Clinic / E. Water Street At N. Field Drive, Chicago (Note: The Whole Area Has Grown A Lot Since The Episode Was Made)

    • (Episode 20)  Dr. Pratt Playing Some Basketball / Northeast Corner Of S. State Street And E. 18th Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 21)  Dr. Kovac And Sam Taggart Leaving The Counselor's Office / 1320 N. State Pkwy, Chicago

    Season 12:
    • (Episode 6)  Dr. Pratt Seeing His Father At A Park / Hamlin Park; 3035 N. Hoyne Avenue, Chicago

    • (Episode 7)  A Man And A Little Girl At A Restaurant And Later The Man Gets Into A Shootout With the Police / Manny's Deli; 1141 S. Jefferson Street, Chicago (Note: The Shootout Takes Place Behind The Restaurant)

    • (Episode 12)  Luka And Abby Walking In Downtown Chicago Looking For Baby Stuff / 30 E. Washington Street, Chicago (Note: They Start Out Walking In Front Of Macy's And Then Turn North On Wabash)

    • (Episode 21)  Dr. Clemente Almost Getting Hit By A Taxi And Then Goes Crazy / N. Franklin Street And W. Illinois Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 22)  The Cemetery For Gallant's Funeral / Bronswood Cemetery; 3805 Madison Street, Oak Brook

    Season 13:
    • (Episode 5)  Dr. Pratt Leaving The Barber Shop / 1113 Bryn Mar Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Interior Of The Barber Shop Looks To Be 2039 Howard Street)

    • (Episode 7)  Dr. Lockhart Meeting With Curtis Ames / E. Solidarity Drive, Chicago (Note: The Building With The Dome Is The Adler Planetarium)

    • (Episode 14)  Luka Spying On Ames' Ex Wife / 1834 N. Lincoln Park Avenue W, Chicago

    • (Episode 14)  Curtis Ames' Old House / 1411 W. Erie Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 23)  Luka Leaving For The Airport / 221 W. Erie Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 23)  Neela Observing A Protest That Turns Violent / Seated Lincoln Statue At Grant Park; 370 S. Columbus Drive, Chicago

    Season 14:
    • (Episode 5)  Abby Walking To The Church / Assumption Catholic Church; 323 W. Illinois Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 6)  Abby In Front Of The Sheridan "L" Lounge; 3944 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago

    • (Episode 8)  Dr. Gates And His Date Leaving The Ballet / Goodman Theater; 170 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 10)  A Drunk Driver Hits The Ambulance And A Girl / 344 W. Oak Street, Chicago (Note: The Ambulance Was Traveling East On Oak)

    • (Episode 11)  Jeanie Boulet Outside Of A Clinic / 330 W. Wendell Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 19)  Abby Walking Out Of The Park / E. Congress Pkwy At S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago (Note: She Turns To Go North When The Ambulance Explodes)

    Season 15:
    • (Episode 1)  After The Explosion / 515 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

    • (Episode 16)  Dr. Carter Visiting The Carter Building / 842 W. Taylor Street, Chicago

    • (Episode 17)  Dr. Brenner Goes To Visit A Foster Father To See If He Is Being Inappropriate Toward The Girl / 1116 W. Leland Avenue, Chicago

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    1. I lived in the apartment above the corner store that's being held up by Ewan McGregor in s3/e15. The apartment that McGregor and Margulies walk through is indeed the one above the store, but when they're seen exiting, they're actually exiting through a different apartment a couple of doors down (probably made for a better shot). It's really weird to get super stoned one day, toss on a random episode of ER, and then see your old apartment ever so briefly. Weird shit.