ER - The Many Locations Used For County General Hospital

  • (Season 2; Episode 4)  The Main Ambulance Bay / Warner Bros; New York Street (Note: This Would Remain The Ambulance Bay For The Rest Of The Series)

  • (Season 1; Episode 1)  The Hospital Used For The Pilot Episode / Linda Vista Hospital; 600 S. Saint Louis Avenue, Los Angeles

  • (Multiple Seasons)  The Roof Used For Most Of The Helicopter Landings / Southeast Corner Of S. Jefferson Street And W. Taylor Street, Chicago (Note: This Is The Roof For The Chicago Fire Academy)

  • (Season 1; Episode 4 And Episode 21)  The Exterior Of The Hospital / Warner Bros; Bridge Building Area

  • (Season 1; Episode 5)  The Basketball Court Outside Of The Hospital / Warner Bros; Midwest Street (Note: This Is In Between A Couple Of Buildings To The Left Of The Church Entrance)

  • (Season 1; Episode 7 And 8)  The First View Of The Front Of The Hospital With The Diner Shown Across The Street / 720 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles (Note: I Doubt There Was Ever A Real Diner There)

  • (Season 1; Episode 16 And Season 2; Episode 1)  The Ambulance Bay / University Of Illinois Medical Center; 1740 W. Taylor Street, Chicago

  • (Season 1; Episode 24)  The Other Rooftop For Helicopter Landings / 240 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles (Note: This Is The Top Of A Parking Garage)

  • (Season 1; Episode 25)  The Ambulance Bay / Warner Bros; Hennesy Street

  • (Season 2; Episode 15)  Doc Magoos / Warner Bros; New York Street

  • (Season 5; Episode 5)  The Exterior Of The Hospital / Northwestern Memorial Hospital; Chicago (Note: This Has Yet To Be Confirmed As That Hospital Has Been Remodeled)

  • (Season 10; Episode 8)  The Helicopter Crash Onto The Ambulance Bay / Warner Bros; New York Street)

  • (Season 11; Episode 13)  The Convenience Store Across From The Hospital The Replaced Doc Magoos

  • (Season 14; Episode 19)  The Exterior Of The Hospital / 532 S. Olive Street, Los Angeles

  • (Season 15; Episode 22)  The Full Exterior Of County General Hospital / Warner Bros; New York Street (Note: A Lot Of CGI Was Used For This Picture)


  1. I've read that the roof of the Chicago Hilton was used as the location for the roof of the hospital. Does anyone know which episodes?

    1. Hilton Chicago at 720 S Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605 was used in # 7.05 (see my comment there) and some other episodes before that. I'm not exactly sure if it was used in season 6 already, but definitely in season 7. I'm currently rewatching the show on DVD and have to look out for it in season 8 and beyond.

  2. FYI, I used to live at 525 South Dearborn Street in Chicago, and one day ER did some filming behind the building on S. Plymouth Court. They put up an "EMERGENCY" sign on the condo building across the street from my building.

  3. Very cool blog. I wish there were move videos on the filming locations on the WB set of ER. It was an NBC show but used WB Studios. That is interesting. I would think they would have used Universal Studios or something like that.

  4. The helipad at the Hilton Chicago at 720 S Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605 is missing in the list of locations used for the hospital.

    For more information, see my comment under # 7.05.

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