My Name Is Earl - The Houses Of Camden County

Thank You To Gary From The Seeing Stars Website For Finding Kenny's House From The Pilot

  • The Hickey Residence Where Earl's Parents Live / 9330 Dempsey Avenue, Van Nuys

  • Donny Jones' House Where He Lives With His Mother / 17334 Stagg Street, Los Angeles

  • Kenny's House From The Pilot / 22119 Oak Orchard Road, Santa Clarita

  • Kenny's New House / 17220 Keswick Street, Van Nuys

  • The One Legged Woman's First House Where Her No Legged Boyfriend Beats Up Earl / 16654 Wyandotte Street, Van Nuys

  • The One Legged Woman's Second House Where She Complains To The Police About Naked Donny Jones / 17339 Stagg Street, Los Angeles

  • The One Legged Woman's Third House Where Earl Has To Pretend He Has One Leg Also / 7753 Wish Avenue, Van Nuys

  • The Y2K House Where The Gang Stays Waiting For The New Century To Arrive / 7706 Paso Robbles Avenue, Van Nuys

  • The Witch Lady's House / 8136 Louise Avenue, Northridge

  • The Old Lady's House Where Earl Pretends To Be Her Husband To Get Back At His Friend Ralph / 6625 Langdon Avenue, Van Nuys

  • The House In Earl's Dreams While He Is In A Coma / 6624 Langdom Avenue, Van Nuys

  • Buddy The Movie Producer's House / 7722 Wish Avenue, Van Nuys

  • Charitable Mr. Wilson's House / 7648 Wish Avenue, Van Nuys

  • Clark Clark's House Where Earl's Father Gets Beat Up By Clark Clark's Wife / 7656 Paso Robles Avenue, Van Nuys

  • Chaz Dalton The Astronaut's House / 6708 Gaviota Avenue, Van Nuys (Note: This House Is Set Way Off The Road Which Made It Very Hard To Get A Good Picture Of It)

  • Kenny's Parent's House Where They Take A Picture Of Him Before His Ride Along With The Local Police Officer On The Show Cops / 8166 Lesner Avenue, Van Nuys

  • The Family Home Of The Fake Healer Boy / 7620 Oak Park Avenue, Van Nuys

  • Earl Is In The Process Of Burglarizing The House When The Police Show Up And He Steals The Police Car / 7743 Genesta Avenue, Van Nuys

  • The Halfway House Where Frank Is Under House Arrest / 5511 Ethel Avenue, Van Nuys

  • The Apartment Where The Golfer Used To Live / 12405 Weddington Street, Valley Village

  • Randy In A Tree And A Police Officer Shoots Him Down Onto A Trampoline / Still Searching For This Location

  • Joy's Childhood House / Still Searching For This Location

  • Natalie's House The Woman Earl Faked His Death To Get Away From / Still Searching For This Location

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