ER: Season 15 - Episode 15; The Family Man

  • (0:20)  Archie Morris Going To Claudia Diaz's House / Warner Bros; Midwest Residential Street, Burbank

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  1. It's interesting that Claudia's family's home (where Archie goes and discovers he has to meet her family at a birthday party for a 7-year-old before their actual date) was portrayed by two houses on Kings Row (the residential area south of Midwest Street):
    The scene at approx. 20 minutes into the episode (arrival, front and interiors) was filmed in the house that is best known from "Gilmore Girls" as the Black & White & Read Bookstore.
    The later scene in the backyard at approx. 28 minutes into the episode was shot behind Kings Row at what is best known as Lorelai's home on "Gilmore Girls".