ER: Season 13 - Episode 17; From Here To Paternity

There Were No New Locations In This Episode

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  1. When Pratt leaves the prison after visiting his buddy (approx. 39:35), the exterior shot was filmed on the studio lot. The building with the many pipes on the exterior wall is Building 91 (Film Vault). The camera was place on Parking Lot P, facing east. The L-shaped building in the background and on the left of the frame is what used to be 76X, nowadays numbered 4 and houses producers' offices and post-production editing. I'm not sure, but I think WB removed the pipes from Building 91 at one point.

    At approx. 41:33, we see a door in the hallway of Alex's boarding school. The design with these casements matches the doors in the WB Executive Building complex, so I strongly assume it was filmed in there, but I can't determine the exact part of the building.