ER: Season 11 - Episode 15; Alone In A Crowd

  • (0:00)  Dr. Kovac And Nurse Taggart On A Walk To The El Station / 215 W. Superior Street, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Facing East)

  • (0:07)  Dr. Carter And Wendall Jogging / 3 Blocks East Of The End Harrison Street At Michigan Avenue, Chicago

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  1. At approximately 40 minutes into the episode, the house where Neela and Ray try to find the kids who were in the ER earlier (and where they finally discover the dead body of the kids' mother in the apartment) is the usual set on Brownstone Street at Warner Bros. Studios again - the one with the practical interiors that has an entry and stairway (first used on "ER" in # 1.02 as Carol Hathaway's original apartment).