Chicago PD: Season 1 - Episode 1; Stepping Stone

  • (0:00)  Sergeant Hank Voight Threatening A Man To Get Information / Damen Silos; 2900 S. Damen Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:01)  The Police Station / UIC Police Station; 943 W. Maxwell Street, Chicago

  • (0:07)  The Apartment Building Where The Drug Dealer Does His Business / 2759 W. Lake Street, Chicago

  • (0:10)  The Area They Take The Kid Which I Am Guessing Is Suppose To Be The Back Side Of The Police Station / Cinespace Studios; 2601 W. 16th Street, Chicago (Note: The Studio Is On Gated Private Property)

  • (0:16)  The Police Training Gym / Fosco Park Community Center; 1312 S. Racine Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:17)  Voight Visiting With Maurice Who Is One Of His Street Informants / 2012 S. Albany Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Actual Meeting Spot Is Just North Of The House Under The El Tracks)

  • (0:18)  Eric Cooper's House / 1341 W. 16th Street, Chicago

  • (0:22)  Erin Lindsay And Jay Halstead Go To A Business To Get Some Info / El Dollar Store; 1731 W. 18th Street, Chicago

  • (0:34)  The Recruit Adam Ruzek Goes To Make A Drug Purchase To Set Up A Bust / 1340 W. 18th Street, Chicago (Note: The Alley Is Just East Of This Location)

  • (0:37)  Checking Out The Flophouse When Things Go Wrong / 812 W. 33rd Street, Chicago

  • (0:40)  The End Of The Car Chase / Roughly 2645 W. 19th Street, Chicago (Note: He Runs South Toward Cullerton And Is Caught In The Alley Behind 2642 W. Cullerton Street)

  • (0:41)  The Hospital / Cinespace Studios; 2620 W. 16th Street, Chicago (Note: The Studio Is On Gated Property And Was Used As The Police Station Exterior In The 1st Season Of Chicago Fire)

  • (0:41)  Antonio Dawson's Son "Diego" Getting Kidnapped In The Alley / Behind 1634 W. 18th Street, Chicago (Note: The Car Approaches From The West Coming Into The Alley From S. Paulina Street. The Top Of The Church Seen In The 3rd Screen Shot Is Called Saint Adalbert's Which Is On 17th Street)


  1. First off, GREAT SITES! Thanks for ALL of the time you have obviously spent setting them all up. I don't know if you received a correction of this yet but the very first photo the description calls the "Henry Voight" character Frank as opposed to the characters first name, Hank.

  2. Replies
    1. Cinespace Studios; W. 15th Street and S. Rockwell. And a few blocks within that area.

  3. The "Damen silos" in the first photo is located at 2860 S Damen Ave.
    Awesome site. Keep up the good work!

  4. is this inside of the chicago police station a set or is it an actual building that they use? i know they use the exterior of the chicago police department inthe show but i cant figure out if the inside is a setting or not? thank you!

    1. necro answer I know, it's a set called "the bullpen" by the studio