ER: Season 7 - Episode 5; Fight Of Fancy

  • (0:18)  Dr. Kovac Trying To Figure Out The Name Of The Mugger / Chicago Riverwalk Between The Wabash Avenue Bridge And The State Street Bridge, Chicago (Note: This Is On The South Side Of The River Looking Toward The Wabash Bridge)

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  1. Cook County General Hospital helipad:
    I can't remember when we saw this (new) helipad for the first time. Not sure if it already appeared in season 6, but it was definitely in an earlier episode than this one. However, the current episode is the one where you can see it best.
    Right before the main title, there's a Green & Corday scene on the roof. The hospital's roof with the helipad is portrayed by the Hilton Chicago at 720 S Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605.

    At approximately 5 minutes into the episode, the scene when they load the patient into the helicopter in Grass Creek, Indiana, it's a different helicopter model from the one in the scene filmed in Chicago, which indicates that this segment was shot in California.
    The place looks familiar — it's on the lot of Warner Bros. Studios! I can't place it exactly anymore since the area was rebuilt, but it was on the southern end of the lot, approximately near the Costume Department.