Hill Street Blues: Season 1 - Episode 1; Hill Street Station

  • (0:13)  Responding To A Robbery And Hostage Situation At A Liquor Store / 1803 W. 11th Street, Los Angeles (Note: This Is No Longer A Liquor Store)

  • (0:25)  The Police Station / 943 W. Maxwell Street, Chicago

  • (0:33)  Officers Bobby Hill And Andrew Renko Respond To A Domestic / 680 Witmer Street, Los Angeles (Note: The Building They Get Shot While Inside Is Still There Across The Street But It Is Now Covered In Bushes)


  1. My ex who still lives in Chicago (South west side) sent this link to me. She remember I was a HUGE "Hill Street Blues" fan (it still is my #1 all time FAVORITE TV show) and obviously when she saw the "HSB" link she knew I'd go crazy - which I did. I moved to Georgia in 1988, shortly after "HSB" ended and I've lived in the North Georgia Mountain area since 2002. I love living here but there are some things I miss about Chicago including, Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza, Chicago style Hot Dogs, 'Da Bears, and "Da Sox! Chris Mazur

  2. I was actually at the "Hill" street station today and it looks the same but around it is very different now

  3. Chris, there are several Facebook groups for Chicago, including beautiful photos, also Forgotten Chicago and Original Chicago, to remember how the city used to be.