Naked Gun 2 1/2

Thank You To Robert From The Website Movie Locations And More For Finding The Swat Team House 

  • (0:08)  The Meinheimer Institute / 7521 Woodman Street, Van Nuys (Note: This Building Has Since Been Torn Down And Was Part Of The Old Stroh Brewery Plant)

  • (0:17)  The Blue Note / Paramount Studios Brooklyn Set; 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

  • (0:23)  The Bad Guys In A Warehouse At The Docks / Port Of Los Angeles; Long Beach (Note: I Believe The Warehouse Is Torn Down)

  • (0:25)  The Police Station In Washington D.C. / 638 S. Beacon Street, San Pedro

  • (0:28)  AC - DC Love Boutique / Warner Bros; Midwest Street, Burbank

  • (0:30)  Nordberg Sliding Down A Huge Hill / Baxter Street At LeMoyne Street, Los Angeles (Note: He Is Sliding Down Baxter Street Going Northwest And Gets Stuck Under Drebin's Car At Lake Shore Avenue)

  • (0:31)  All Of The Police Officers And Swat Team Trying To Negotiate With The Bad Guy Working For Hapsburg / 1169 E. 25th Street, Los Angeles (Note: The House Itself Was A Fake Facade For The Movie But The Other Houses Seen In The Screen Shots Are All Still There)

  • (0:35)  Hapsburg's Residence / 1400 Tower Grove Drive, Beverly Hills

  • (0:41)  Jane's Residence / Warner Bros Ranch, Park Blvd, Burbank (Note: This Ranch Is Private)

  • (1:01)  The Presidential Ballroom Exterior / Warner Bros; Embassy Courtyard, Burbank (Note: I Was Told The Interior Is The Universal Sheridan In Universal City)

  • (1:11)  The Shootout On The Roof / 700 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles


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