Chicago Fire: Season 2

Episode 1; A Problem House

Episode 2; Prove It

Episode 3; Defcon 1

Episode 4; A Nuisance Call

Episode 5; A Power Move

Episode 6; Joyriding

Episode 7; No Regrets

Episode 8; Rhymes With Shout

Episode 9; You Will Hurt Him

Episode 10; Not Like This

Episode 11; Shoved In My Face

Episode 12; Out With A Bang

Episode 13; Tonight's The Night

Episode 14; Virgin Skin

Episode 15; Keep Your Mouth Shut

Episode 16; A Rocket Blasting Off

Episode 17; When Things Get Rough

Episode 18; Until Your Feet Leave The Ground

Episode 19; A Heavy Weight

Episode 20; A Dark Day

Episode 21; One More Shot

Episode 22; Real Never Waits

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  1. How do I find locations for future tapings? I am coming to this area for my birthday inAugust and would live to either vvisit the fire house or see a taping of my favorite show! Thanks for your help.