ER: Season 5 - Episode 18; Point Of Origin

There Were No New Locations Shown In This Episode

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  1. The apartment building at approx. 3 minutes into this episode where Kerry Weaver has found the lady who she thinks is her biological mother (but actually isn't) is the usual practical interior set behind the one brownstone on Ashley Boulevard (formerly Brownstone Street) I addressed in a few episodes (i.e. where Carol initially lived, later Carla, Anna, etc.) — check out my comments under # 1.02, # 3.10, # 4.13 and # 5.07 for details.
    They just repainted and papered up the interiors to make them look slightly different. Redressing is the magic of the entertainment industry!

    At approx. 43 minutes into this episode, Carol goes to the North York OB / GYN Clinic. This is a really interesting set. It took me a second to get it, but it's the revolving door to the County General exterior set at Warner Bros. Studios! We sometimes see this revolving door from the outside; it's located to the left of the gate to the ambulance bay if you stand in front of the hospital's exteriors on the studio lot.
    If you look closely at the frame at 43:14 into the episode, you'll recognize the Embassy Courthouse at WB Studios in the background (if you are familiar with the studio lot). The trees are Embassy Court / New York Park.
    At 43:34, you'll even recognize the (mirrored) street number on the glass panel atop the revolving door. I think they filmed this number accidentally and actually wanted to cut that off completely because they didn't even car to redress it. It's the same street number we know from the outside of Cook County General.
    This set had semi-practical interiors. They simply built this small reception area behind the revolving door.