ER: Season 5 - Episode 16; Middle Of Nowhere

I Only Listed The Chicago Locations From This Episode.  The Scenes That Were Suppose To Be In Mississippi I Did Not Look For

  • (0:00)  Dr. Benton And Dr. Corday Meet On The El Platform / Chicago Station; 300 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:42)  Dr. Benton Back In Chicago To See His Boy And Dr. Corday / N. Cityfront Plaza Drive At Pioneer Court, Chicago (Note: The View Is Looking West Along Pioneer Court)


  1. Most scenes of Benton's work in La Verne, Mississippi were filmed in Florida.

    The grocery store when Benton arrives (04:52) and the church in background are Geneva Feed & Grocery at 210 Avenue C, Geneva, FL 32732 and the Church of Christ at Geneva next door.

    IMDb claims some scenes were filmed at Disney-MGM Studios, which is the theme park nowadays known as Disney's Hollywood Studios at 351 South Studio Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830.
    I'm not exactly sure which scenes were filmed there, but my guess would be the river / swamp scene where Benton treats the pregnant girl and delivers her baby and maybe the scene towards the end of Benton's stay when he treats the guy from the shrimp boat that blew.
    I think it might be worth investigating in that direction if anyone is interested and / or familiar with Disney's Hollywood Studios.

    1. I was actually in that episode when I was little. The scenes that I was apart of that were filmed at MGM studios were when the baby was being delivered as well as a lot of “inside the home”. The river one was out in Geneva on a private property