ER: Season 4 - Episode 6; Ground Zero

There Were No New Locations Shown In This Episode

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  1. At 20 minutes into the episode, we see Kerry having lunch with Ellis.
    At 42 minutes into the episode, they are at a bar.
    This is the same location.
    It's the Smoke House across from Warner Bros. Studios. The address is 4420 Lakeside Drive, Burbank, CA 91505.
    It was also used in "La La Land" and many other movies. My wife and I had dinner there with our dear friend who was the women's set costumer on "Falcon Crest" during one of our trips to L.A. It's a great place with a lot of history!
    Just as another tidbit: It was George Clooney's favorite hangout, which is why he called his own production company (the usual tax shelter) Smoke House Pictures!

    Millicent Carter’s McMansion:
    Unfortunately, the exteriors were filmed so closely from the outside that I can't tell where it is, but it must be in L.A. because they wouldn't have shipped those many props to Chicago (they reused lots of antique furniture from "Falcon Crest", which went to the Warner Bros. Property Department after WB bought out Lorimar Productions, in Millicent's home).
    Does anyone have any idea where this monstrosity of a mansion was located by any chance?