ER: Season 4 - Episode 13; Carter's Choice

There Are No New Locations Shown In This Episode

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  1. Anna DelAmico lives in the same house on Brownstone Street (nowadays called Ashley Boulevard) at Warner Bros. Studios as Carla Reece and previously Carol Hathaway.
    As I stated in # 1.02 and # 3.10, the brownstones on the backlot used to be façades only, but they remodeled one of them, in the early 1990's, with a few practical interiors. If you are standing on Brownstone Street, facing the façades, it is the second house, counting from the left.

    While it's a fact that the entry and stairway of DelAmico's apartment house were filmed inside those practical interiors, I'm not sure if Anna's apartment itself was also filmed inside this structure on Brownstone Street. The apartment itself might have been a set on one of the sound stages.

    Anna's apartment was first seen in # 4.06.