If You Are A Fan Of The Series, You Can Check Out Almost Every Filming Location On A Warner Bros. Tour, Excluding The Scenes That Were Filmed On The Warner Bros. Ranch. That Part Of Warner Bros. Is Not Part Of The Tour.

"Friends" Left Warner Bros. Only A Few Times During The 10-Year Run Of The Series. It Was Important For The Producers To Make A Situation Comedy Live Before An Audience, So There Were Not A Lot Of Scenes Filmed Away From The Main Sound Stage. I Will List The Times They Used The Back Lot Or The Very Few Times The Production Left Warner Bros. Away From The Studio. At The End Of Season 4 They Filmed In London, But I Will Not Be Including Those Locations.

I Will List Everything By Season. If There Was A Location Used, I Will Identify It By Listing The Episode Name And Then List Where That Scene Took Place. The Back Lot Of Warner Bros. Has Street Names To Identify Each Section. That Is How I Will List Most Of The Addresses. Other Than The Main Apartment Building, I Will Not Be Listing The Real New York Establishing Shots That Are Shown In The Series. I Am Only Listing The Actual Filming Locations.

There Are A Lot Of Times Where They Would Film Exterior Locations Inside Their Own Sound Stage.  I Did Not Include Those Locations As They Have Since Been Removed From Warner Bros.  If A Location Was Not Referenced Here It Was Probably Filmed In Their Sound Stage.

Season 7, 9 And Season 10 Are Not Included As There Were No New Locations Shown In Those Seasons.

Notice:  Check Out Where The Fountain Was In The Opening Credits, The Real Location To The Apartment Exterior And Where You Can See The Set Of Central Perk After The Season Listings. 

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The Fountain Seen In The Opening Credits / Warner Bros Ranch; Park Blvd, Burbank

The Real Location Of The Exterior Of The Apartment / 90 Bedford Street, New York, NY

The Set Of Central Perk / Warner Bros; 4000 Warner Blvd, Burbank (Note: This Can Be Seen During Any Warner Bros Tour Found In The Prop House Building)


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  2. Phoebe Giving The Homeless Woman $1000.00 And A Football Phone / Warner Bros; Hennesy Street, Burbank vidmate