Assault On Precinct 13 (1976)

Thank You To Robert From The Movie Locations And More Website For Finding And Telling Me About The House And The Murder Locations

  • (0:05)  Police Officer Ethan Bishop's House / 1957 N. Alexandria Avenue, Los Angeles

  • (0:08)  The Jail / Lincoln Heights Jail; 421 N. Avenue, 19, Los Angeles (Note: This Jail In Now Just A Filming Set And The Entrance Seen In The Movie Is The North Entrance)

  • (0:15)  The Spot Where The Gang Members Hung Out / 400 W. 116th Street, Watts (Note: This Is Just An Educated Guess On The Address.  Everything Has Been Torn Down Since The Movie Was Made When The 105 Freeway Was Added. I Believe The Car With The Father And Daughter Turned South Off Of Imperial HWY As They Passed By The Apartment Building. There Used To Be A Walkway Over The 110 Freeway At That Spot Back In 1975 When The Movie Was Made)

  • (0:17)  The Police Station / 685 Venice Blvd, Venice (Note: This Is No Longer A Police Station. The View Seen A Few Times Of The Parking Lot Across The Street Was From Another Location)

  • (0:32)  The Spot Where The Little Girl And The Ice Cream Man Are Murdered / 11601 S. Berendo Avenue, Los Angeles (Note: When The Father And Daughter First Drive Up They Are Going North With 117th Street Behind Them. The Apartment Building On The Southwest Corner Of W. 117th Street And S. Berendo Is Still There. The View Of The Bodies Is Looking North. This Area Is Now Where The 105 Freeway Is Located)


  1. The gang building at the 5 minute mark was located on S. New Hampshire Ave (33.928683, -118.293696). The building at 11507 S. New Hampshire Ave makes an appearance at the beginning of that scene.

    The area where the gang members hung out was in front of the apartment building at 406 W. 115th Pl (33.929130, -118.279845). The father and daughter do turn off Imperial Hwy and travel along Athens Way. The building at 11422 S. Broadway makes an appearance in that scene.

    Both areas were razed for the 105 freeway, as you mention.

    1. Nearly at Minute 14 (in Germany the Movies are shown 4 % faster) Katy and her father are driving by a parking Police AMC Matador in Front of 11151 Vermont Ave.

    2. The apartment building with the warlord's black AMC Matador in front of was 406 W. 116th.
      The blue Lincoln passed also 117th and drove along Vermont Ave.
      The blue building at the crossing is today the train station Vermont/Athens.

    3. When the iceman recognized the black AMC of the gang at first time, he stopped next to the hydrant in front of 11507 S New Hampshire Ave. You can see a part of this house and also in the left backround 11421 S New Hampshire Ave.

    4. A little bit strange was the search, for the location, while Frank Doubleday (white Warlord) opended the rear window of the AMC Matador and put out his rifle:
      This scene was taken in front of 11408 S New Hampshire Ave. On the opposite today there is a gas station.

    5. In two scenes with the black Gang's AMC (15:24 and 23:47 in German version) there is the same view (once through the rear window) to the crossing S New Hampshire Ave / 117th.
      The houses 1026 W 117th & 1041 W 117th are today still on their places.

    6. My conclusion:
      Only the locations of two impressively scenes are lost:
      - The exactly location of Katy's & iceman's bodies at S New Hampshire Ave of course, but only about a few yards.
      - Unfortunately the impressively single building at 406 W 116th, with the black AMC in front of, where the landlords meet each other.

      But nearly all other movie places are still existing, especially most of the buildings.
      In spite of 46 years und the real big Fwy, called "Anderson".
      At last:
      What a stroke of genius, to shoot the impressevly scenes in Athens ("Anderson") at only 4 or 5 streets in a radius of a quarter mile!

  2. Why is this film called Assault On Precinct 13 when it isn't Precinct 13 ????