Planes, Trains And Automobiles

Thank You To The Very Observant Richard Poemape For Telling Me About Where The Bus Station Used To Be Located

  • (0:04)  Neal Page Goes For A Run And Trips To Miss The Taxi / E. 54th Street And Park Avenue, New York, NY (Note: He Falls Into The Street From The Northwest Corner. Then Del Griffith Takes The Other Taxi While Neal Is On The The Southwest Corner Of The Same Intersection)

  • (0:16)  The Braidwood Inn Where They Stay For The First Night / Sun Motel; 140 S. Hickory Street, Braidwood

  • (0:30)  The Page Residence / 230 Oxford Road, Kenilworth

  • (0:36)  The Train Station / 112 E. Railroad Street, South Dayton, NY

  • (0:38)  Spot Where The Train Breaks Down / 7276 N. Main Street, Cherry Creek, NY (Note: This Is An Estimated Address On The Exact Spot)

  • (0:42)  The St. Louis Bus Station / 20 E. Randolph Street, Chicago (Note: This Has Since Been Torn Down Since The Movie Was Made)

  • (0:46)  Neal Page In The Car Rental Lot Realizing His Rental Car Is Not There / I Believe The Airport Property Has Changed Too Much To Identify, St. Louis

  • (0:50)  The Taxi Man Punching Neal Right Before Del Griffith Almost Runs Him Over / Lambert St. Louis International Airport; 10701 Lambert International Blvd, St. Louis

  • (1:07)  The El Rancho Motel / 36355 N. Skokie Highway, Gurnee

  • (1:19)  The Courthouse Shown As The Car Is Being Towed Into Town / Old Courthouse Arts Center; 101 N. Johnson Street, Woodstock

  • (1:19)  Neal Page Being Picked Up By The Semi Driver / Main Street And Cass Street, Woodstock (Note: The Truck Is Going South On Main Street As He Drives Up To Him)

  • (1:21)  Neal And Del Saying Their Goodbyes Again This Time On An Elevated Train Platform / LaSalle/Van Buren Station; 121 W. Van Buren Street, Chicago


  1. Neal in the rental car lot:
    Look up the Renaissance Hotel in St Louis on Google Earth. This is the hotel in the background in the movie behind Neal and if you look along Air Cargo Rd, you will see the metal towers that you see in the movie. I would say there have been some new roads since then but you can get very close to the area.

    Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel
    9801 Natural Bridge Rd, St Louis, MO 63134 ‎
    (In the movie it is the "Stauffer Concourse Hotel)

  2. Awesome! Thank you very much for this info! That will have to be one of my stops next time I'm in St. Louis.

  3. The Page residence - I pass it every day going to work - the town is Kenilworth. You're missing the "l".

  4. The 1987 parody Planes, Trains and Automobiles is appropriated by Paramount Pictures. It stars Steve Martin as Neal Page, John Candy as Del Griffith, Laila Robins as Susan Page, Michael McKean as the state trooper, and Kevin Bacon as the taxi racer. The maker, author, and executive is John Hughes (Home Alone).

  5. Neal Page needs to return home in time for Thanksgiving supper. Be that as it may, he meets a man named Del Griffith, who is disturbing yet pleasant. Together, they pursue into accident another attempting to return home.

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  7. The scene where they get onto the semi on the street corner is directly across the street where Bill Murry steps into the puddle in Groundhog Day. They where both shot in Woodstock, Ill. You can also see the gazebo and the hotel in the background briefly. John Hughes had a farm nearby and liked the look of Woodstock. So many films shot around here and in Union,Ill.

  8. The car scene locations where there is snow was located was done on route 219. This was between springville, Boston by and buffalo. Near rice road and Boston rd.

  9. They were pulled over by a Wisconsin state patrol. Where was that?

  10. I believe I have found the train breakdown scene. It was filmed about 3 miles south of South Dayton, NY. The address of the farm in the background is 7292 N Rd Cherry Creek, NY. The train tracks mat up perfectly

    1. Thank you. After much thinking I agree and will put it up. Thanks again.

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