ER: Season 3 - Episode 10; Homeless For The Holidays

  • (0:41)  Dr. Greene At Jennifer's House  / Warner Bros Ranch; Blondie Street, Burbank (Note: This Is The Griswold House From Christmas Vacation)

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  1. The scene at the hospital cafeteria is filmed at the Warner Bros. Studios Commissary again (approx. 20 minutes into the episode).

    The scene with Gloria waiting below the stairs to Doug's home was filmed on Brownstone Street (a.k.a. Ashley Boulevard) at Warner Bros. Studios; approx. 34 minutes into the episode. As a cross-reference, the scene under the stairs is where we saw Max's apartment on "Gilmore Girls" # 1.17.

    At approx. 37 minutes into the episode, Benton visits Carla. Her apartment is on Brownstone Street (Ashley Boulevard) on the studio lot, too. You can easily tell when Benton opens the door to the building (at 37:23) because you see the windows of the Steven J. Ross Theatre across the street. The brownstones used to be façades only, but they remodeled one of them, in the early 1990's, with a few practical interiors. If you are standing on Brownstone Street, facing the façades, it is the second house, counting from the left.
    This is the same place where they filmed Carol's apartment when Doug visited her after he suicide attempt in # 1.02 "Day One" at approx. 43 minutes into that episode.