ER: Season 2 - Episode 19; Fire In The Belly

  • (0:24)  Dr. Lewis At The Courthouse / 78 E. Washington Street, Chicago (Note: The Is The Cultural Center And Not Really A Courthouse)

  • (0:38)  Carter At An Amusement Park Being Dumped By Harper / Navy Pier; 600 E. Grand Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:41)  Nurse Hathaway And Shep Come Onto A Fight In Progress / Warner Bros, Hennessy Street, Burbank

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  1. At approx. 33:10 into the episode, Susan and little Susie visit Chloe and her fiancé.

    The shot towards Susan and Susie is filmed from the entrance of the house many of you probably know best as Mrs. Kim's Antiques from "Gilmore Girls". It's the first house on the eastern side of Kings Row, the residential part of Midwest Street at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA.

    You can easily tell because, through the open door, you see the turret area of the half-timbered home on Kings Row across the street.