ER: Season 2 - Episode 14; The Right Thing

Thank You To Owen From The When Write Is Wrong Website For Finding This Cemetery Location

  • (0:30)  John Carter At The Cemetery / Oak Woods Cemetery; 1272 E. 67th Street, Chicago 


  1. From approx. 04:45 on, we see Benton's (new) apartment for the first time when his sister is visiting him. The audio commentary for that episode on the DVD clearly stated they built a set for this apartment, which they later redressed for other characters' homes. The audio commentary was recorded in 2010, and they said the following about the set:

    Editor Jacque Toberen asked: "Where is this set?"
    Writer Neal Bear: "This was built."
    Jacque Toberen: "Was this built above the ambulance bay?"
    Neal Bear: "No, it was nearby in that little sort of rural area... behind the ambulance bay."
    Actor Noah Wyle: "Where they shoot 'Gilmore Girls' now."

    Noah's reference must refer to Midwest Street at Warner Bros. Studios, which portrayed the town square of Stars Hollow on "Gilmore Girls".
    I know the backlot very well, but frankly, I don't know where exactly this set would have been. Their conversation seems to suggest it was maybe in one of the stores? Does anyone know of any that had practical interiors, particularly that large, considering we see at least a rudimentary hall and stairway when Jackie enters? Maybe something somebody might want to investigate...

  2. The restaurant where Mark and Doug have dinner (approx. 40 minutes into the episode) is the back room of the Warner Bros. Studios Commissary, as usual.