Grandma's Boy

Thank You To Robert From The Movie Locations And More Website For Finding Alex's House

Thank You To Terri For Finding Jeff's House

  • (0:01)  Alex's House / 906 E. Edgeware Road, Los Angeles

  • (0:05)  Dante's House / 5104 Ledge Avenue, North Hollywood

  • (0:08)  Jeff's House / 4649 Sancola Avenue, North Hollywood

  • (0:15)  Brainasium / 461 S. Boylston Street, Los Angeles (Note: This Building Is Part Of Los Angeles Center Studios And Is Not Accessible To The Public)

  • (0:20)  Grandma Lilly's House / 1324 Carroll Avenue, Los Angeles

  • (0:55)  Original Tommy's Burger / 2575 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

  • (1:13)  Samantha's Place / Biltmore Hotel; 506 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles


  1. YES! Thanks so much for posting these!!!!!

  2. Would it be considered weird to visit these locations next time I'm in the Los Angeles area? :p

    1. Just stay off the property of the locations and everything will be fine. Have fun

  3. Of course! We must always respect other people's property and privacy rights. BTW, check this out: if you look at "Grandma's house" on Google maps, take a look across the street and you'll see "Tina's" house that was used in Deuce Bilgelow.