ER: Season 1 - Episode 7; Another Perfect Day

  • (0:20)  Dr. Greene Meeting Up With His Wife Outside Of A Diner / 720 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles (Note: The Diner Is No Longer There Or There May Never Have Been A Diner There)


  1. The diner must still be on the lot (somewhere). It was used in a 2001 movie and in a recent episode of NCIS (12.16)

  2. The building at 707 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles is used for the first time as the Cook County General roof.

    It's listed on this site in # 1.09 (the scene with Noah Wyle and Vondie Curtis-Hall). However, this roof was already used in this episode, # 1.07 at approximately 13:02 with Carol and Taglieri.