ER: Season 1 - Episode 25; Everything Old Is New Again

Thank You To Mike From The Movie Shots LA Website For Telling Me About The Church Location

  • (0:26)  The Church For The Almost Wedding / Church Of Our Savior; 535 W. Roses Road, San Gabriel

  • (0:33)  Dr. Ross Explaining To Jake About The Breakup / Warner Bros, Hennessy Street, Burbank

  • (0:35)  The Reception / Still Searching For This Location But It Is Probably The Same Location As The Church

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  1. Chas, your assumption is absolutely correct. The reception of Carol & Taglieri's non-wedding at 35 minutes into the episode was filmed on the grounds of the Church of Our Saviour in San Gabriel, CA.

    By the way, note that the church itself uses the spelling Church of Our Saviour (sic!), i.e. the traditional British spelling of "saviour" instead of the usual American way ("savior").