ER: Season 1 - Episode 18; Sleepless In Chicago

There Were No New Locations Shown In This Episode

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  1. At 01:17 and 35:00 in this episode, the hospice for the little girl, Tatiana, are the redressed interiors of what later became the Black-White-Read bookstore on "Gilmore Girls". It's the last house on the western side of Kings Row, the residential area south of Midwest Street on the backlot of Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA.

    You can easily tell when Carol is at the front door early in the episode because you see the house across the street (which is known as Sookie's house from "Gilmore Girls" - redressed and painted in a bright yellow color back then; Nick Hogan's from "Falcon Crest"; countless scenes from the original "The Dukes of Hazzard" series, etc.).

    For the interiors, WB built a semi-circular landing in front of the stairway for this purpose here in "ER".

    I think it was also visible at the end of # 1.17, but it's better visible and recognizable in this episode here.