Blue Chips

I Didn't Include The New Orleans Locations

Thank You To Tony From The LA's Filming Location Expert's Photostream For Telling Me About The Location Of Happy's Mansion

Thank You To Gary From The Seeing-Stars And To Tony From The LA's Filming Location Expert's Photostream For Tracking Down Where The Bar Used To Be Located

Thank You To Thomas Joyce For Finding McRae's Apartment Building

  • (0:03)  Inside Of The Western University Basketball Arena / Frankfort Senior High School Everett Case Arena; 1 S. Maish Road, Frankfort, Indiana (Note: Some Of My Pictures Don't Match The Exact Spot Because Of The Bleachers Being Pushed Back)

  • (0:11)  Exterior Of The Basketball Arena / USC Trojan Bookstore; Childs Way, Los Angeles (Note: The Building Has Changed Since The Movie Was Made)

  • (0:15)  The Practice Gym / Frankfort Middle School; 329 N. Maish Road, Frankfort, Indiana (Note: My Pictures Are Not In The Exact Spots As The Screen Shots Because The Gym was Being Set Up For A Concert)

  • (0:24)  Coach Bell Crossing A Bridge In Chicago / Kinzie Street Bridge; 500 W. Kinzie Street, Chicago (Note: He Is Going East As He Travels Into The City. Also Watch Him Blow Right Through That Stop Sign)

  • (0:24)  Coach Bell Parking Outside Of Saint Joseph High School / Jonathan Burr Elementary School; 1621 W. Wabansia Avenue, Chicago (Note: He Drives Up To The Marshfield Avenue Entrance Of The School)

  • (0:25)  The School Gym Where Coach Bell Watches Butch McRae Play In A Game / Mount Carmel High School Gym; 6410 S. Dante Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:28)  The Apartment Building Where The McRae's Live / 2920 S. State Street, Chicago

  • (0:31)  Lavada McRae Trying To Negotiate With Coach Bell / 20 E. 37th Street, Chicago (Note: They Are Walking East As They Go Under The El Tracks. Also The Buildings Seen In The Background Have Since Been Torn Down)

  • (0:33)  Coach Bell Visiting Larry Bird / 7328 W. County Road 100 N., West Baden Springs, Indiana

  • (0:33)  Coach Bell Visiting The Roe Farm / 5990 W. County Road 275 S., French Lick, Indiana

  • (0:37)  The Town Parade / W. College Street, French Lick, Indiana (Note: The Parade Is Going East)

  • (0:38)  The Local Bar Where Coach Bell Hangs Out / Banning Street And Vignes Street, Los Angeles (Note: This Building Has Since Been Torn)

  • (0:42)  Coach Bell Showing The Recruits The Campus As They Walk Toward The Basketball Arena / USC; Watt Way And Childs Way, Los Angeles (Note: Later They Show The Bovard Administration Building During Another Campus Scene)

  • (0:54)  Happy's Mansion / 417 Amapola Lane, Los Angeles

  • (0:55)  Lavada McRae's New Office Building / Two Prudential Plaza; 180 N. Stetson Avenue, Chicago (Note: The View Is Seen Looking East From Lake Avenue Just East Of Michigan Avenue)

  • (0:56)  The McRae's New House / Still Searching For This Location

  • (1:18)  Jenny Bell's House / Still Searching For This Location

  • (1:42)  Coach Bell Teaching Some Kids How To Play Basketball / Cathedral High School; 1253 Bishops Road, Los Angeles (Note: He Is Walking On Savoy Street As He Approaches The Kids Playing Basketball)


  1. WOW, I've been to West Baden Springs & French Lick!! Both beautiful areas!!

  2. It's a dream of mine to visit French lick, Indiana

    1. Omg is it really?? No one cares dude

  3. I went to both the Frankfort High School and Frankfort Middle School.