Chicago Fire: Season 1 - Episode 5; Hanging On

Thank You To Aaron Rapoport For Telling Me About The Small Market Location Where Casey Gets Attacked

  • (0:01)  The Police Department / Cinespace Studios; 2620 W. 16th Street, Chicago (Note: This Is A Fake Police Station And The Studio Is On Gated Private Property)

  • (0:05)  Rescuing The Man Who Had His Arm Caught In The Machine / Chicago Press Corporation; 1112 N. Homan Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Scene Took Place In The Back Of The Building)

  • (0:12)  The Church With The Men Needing Rescued From The Roof / River City Community Church; 2909 W. McLean Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:18)  Matthew Casey Getting Attacked In Front Of A Small Market / 3251 W. Division Street, Chicago

  • (0:25)  Dawson And Shay Responding To A Skateboarding Accident / Cinespace Studios; 2519 W. 15th Street, Chicago (Note: The Studio Is On Gated Private Property)

  • (0:31)  Hallie Being Pulled Over / 1043 N. Homan Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:35)  Meeting With A Gang Member To Ask Questions About The Dirty Officer And Hoping He Will Wear A Wire For Them  / 2010 S. Washtenaw Avenue, Chicago (Note: They Are Under The El Tracks Just West Of The Road)


  1. I believe the Church is approx 2018 Richmond Avenue

    1. Hello, thank you for the info. That was a hard one since the church looks to now be closed. I probably looked at 500 churches. Thank you again!!

  2. I was actually online searching for the elementary school I attended in the late 60's. It is closed but Salem Christian School is apparently in that building and their site mentioned the Chicago Fire filming. I recognized the Church on your site from when those pictures. Sad it is closed I remember it being a beautiful place when I went to school there.

  3. The Fake police station is actually a building at the Cinescape studios where the interiors are filmed.

  4. The church used to be called Christ Lutheran Church and school. I went there in the early to mid 70's until it closed around 1979. Even though it's been decades since I last saw it I recognized it right away. I loved that school!