Red Heat

I Only Listed The United States Locations For This Movie

  • (0:13)  Viktor Rostavili Going To A Phone Booth To Hear Plans / 720 S. Main Street, Los Angeles (Note: The Phone Booths Are No Longer There But I Doubt They Ever Were There)

  • (0:17)  Art Ridzik Arresting The Gunman Outside Of An Apartment / Still Searching For This Location

  • (0:24)  The Garvin Hotel / 225 W. Hubbard Street, Chicago (Note: The Building Has Either Been Totally Remodeled Or Has Been Torn Down and Rebuilt As It Is No Longer A Hotel)

  • (0:32)  Shootout In The Police Station Lobby That Kills Sgt. Gallagher / 172 W. Randolph Street, Chicago (Note: The Entrance Doors Have Changed A Little Bit Since The Movie Was Made)

  • (0:51)  The Exterior Of Cat Manzetti's Dance Studio / Flat Iron Artists Building; 1579 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:56)  Ivan Danko And Art Ridzik Following The Taxi Into A Parking Garage / Wells-Jackson Parking Garage; 326 S. Wells Street, Chicago (Note: This Garage Has Been Torn Down And Replaced With A More Modern Parking Garage)

  • (1:30)  The Greyhound Bus Station / 20 E. Randolph Street, Chicago (Note: The Building Has Since Been Torn Down And Replaced With A Parking Garage. The Alleyway Where You See Both Of The Buses Leave At The Start Of The Chase Is Still There)

  • (1:34)  The Street Where Danko And Viktor Play Chicken With The Buses / N. Union Avenue Just South Of W. Kinzie Street, Chicago (Note: The Railroad Crossing Is No Longer There)


  1. The scene where the bus crashes through the Post Office was filmed at 211 N. Clark Street; they built a fake extension attached to the south facing of the Loop Postal Station. Bus drove in from Dearborn, across the federal building plaza, through the fake P.O. and out across Clark Street through the alley between Adams and Jackson.

  2. Wow these scenes looks intense. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I think the 'Art Ridzik Arresting The Gunman Outside Of An Apartment' scene was filmed on Newberry St, just south of Roosevelt Rd in Chicago. Those buildings are now gone (replaced by UIC Campus housing).