My Best Friend's Wedding

  • (0:09)  The Airport / O'Hare Airport; 10000 W. O'Hare, Chicago

  • (0:12)  Dress Shop / 727 N. Rush Street, Chicago (Note: The Building Has Since Been Remodeled And Is Not Recognizable Now)

  • (0:20)  Julianne Potter And Michael O'Neal At The Baseball Game / U.S. Cellular Field; 333 W. 35th Street, Chicago

  • (0:26)  Outside Of The Bar / 630 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago (Note: I Believe The Spot Where They Are Sitting On The Steps Is The Entrance To The State/Lake El Station)

  • (0:40)  Julianne, Michael And George Walking To The Taxi From The Clothes Store / 77 E. Adams Street, Chicago (Note: They Are Walking East)

  • (0:42)  The Church / Fourth Presbyterian Church; 126 E. Chestnut Street, Chicago

  • (0:44)  Barry The Cuda's Restaurant Where Everyone Breaks Into Song / Joe's Crab Shack; 745 N. Wells Street, Chicago (Note: This Business Has Since Closed There. Thanks To Nancy For The Tip. This Location Has Not Been Confirmed By Me Yet)

  • (1:01)  Wallace Companies / 77 W. Wacker Drive, Chicago (Note: This Building Is Not Wallace Companies In Real Life)

  • (1:10)  The Mansion And Grounds Where Things Get Complicated And Where The Reception Is Later Held / Cuneo Mansion And Gardens; 1350 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Vernon Hills

  • (1:20)  Where Julianne Tracks Down Michael / Union Station; 210 S. Canal Street, Chicago


  1. This is one of my favorite movies. Apart from the fact that Julia Roberts is awesome, the plot of this story is undeniably something that all girls would want to happen with their lives. I remember my Long Island wedding and how I want to relieve every memory of it over and over.

  2. by the way, a friend of mine lived in chicago for a while and said she has been to the restaurant before.

  3. Regarding the dress shop, the sign down the street looks (to me) like it says "Elan" in a cursive font with a small word under it. Google Maps had an "Elan Furs" on Huron just off Michigan, but the logo on the linked site is different. This would put the dress shop where the Apple Store is now located. That store opened April of 2008, so it's entirely possible (and I wasn't able to dig up older scenes of that intersection to confirm or deny) that the building no longer exists. It does have the look of something in that general area, although the sidewalk on Michigan is now a lot wider than what is shown in the film.

  4. The Dress Shop was filmed at 730 North Wabash. The building was demolished in 2001 or 2002. This is the SW corner of Superior & Wabash.

  5. "Barry The Cuda's Restaurant" was filmed in what was once Joe's Crab Shack on Wells St, just south of Chicago Ave. At the time, it was another seafood restaurant... I don't remember what, but I talked to people who'd worked there during the filming back in the day.

  6. The interior of the suit shop was filmed at Bigsby and Kruthers at 1750 N Clark, where Equinox is now. We went to pick up my husband's suit but the store was closed down for filming and we saw Julia and Dermot come out. The exterior was shot at the Mag Mile location. B&K closed in 2000 but it was a great store.

  7. 745 N. Wells used to be The Crab House, ate there many times.

  8. The bar is located next to George Diamond's Steakhouse, which was at 630 S. Wabash, not 81 E. Lake.