Carrie (1976)

Thank You To Robert From The Set-Jetter Website For Helping Me With Most Of These Locations

Thank You To Lisa Kurtz Sutton For Telling Me Where Kelso's Cafe Used To Be Located

Thank You To Paul H. For Telling Me About The Location Where The Snell Residence Used To Stand, The Main Entrance Of The High School And The Ending Scene With The Car Flipping

  • (0:09)  Carrie Walking Home While The Kid On The Bike Rides In And Out Of Trees And Then Picking On Her / Carrie Is Walking West On E. Santa Paula Street Coming Up To N. 6th Street, Santa Paula (Note: She Is Walking On The North Side Of The Road)

  • (0:09)  The Snell Residence / 773 Amalfi Drive, Pacific Palisades (Note: This House Has Since Been Torn Down And Has Been Replaced With A New House)

  • (0:12)  The White Residence / 122 N. 7th Street, Santa Paula (Note: The House Has Since Been Torn Down And The Lot Is Now Vacant)

  • (0:21)  The High School Gym / Hermosa Beach Community Center; 710 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach (Note: The Ending Prom Scene Interior Shots Were Filmed On A Set Because Of The Fire)

  • (0:25)  The School Sports Field Where Miss Collins Works Out The Girls For Their Detention Punishment / Palisades High School; 15777 Bowdoin Street, Pacific Palisades

  • (0:33)  Kelso's Cafe / Northwest Corner Of Via De La Paz And Antioch Street, Pacific Palisades (Note: The Building Has Since Been Torn Down As It Is Now Part Of The Parking Lot For The Gelson's Market)

  • (0:43)  The Pig Farm Mural / Clougherty Packing; 3049 E. Vernon Avenue, Vernon (Note: The Mural Has Changed Some Since The Movie Was Made. Also The Part Of The Mural They Walk By Is On The 37th Street Side Or The North Side Of The Complex)

  • (0:48)  The Main Entrance Of The High School / Morningside Elementary School; 576 N. Maclay Avenue, San Fernando

  • (0:50)  The Pharmacy / 908 E. Main Street, Santa Paula (Note: This Is No Longer A Pharmacy And The Entrance Has Changed A Little)

  • (0:51)  The Tuxedo Shop / 910 E. Main Street, Santa Paula (Note: This Is No Longer A Tuxedo Shop)

  • (1:20)  Spot Where Carrie Flips The Car Over And Catches It On Fire / Canyon View Drive, Santa Clarita (Note: This Is East Of Discovery Park. In The First Screen Shot The Camera Is Looking South Toward A House Located At 19695 Newhouse Street)


  1. Carrie Shooting Location: Kelso's Cafe was at the corner of Antioch and Via De La Paz in Pacific Palisades. It is now, sadly, the Gelson's Parking lot. RIP, S & J WIlson Building.

  2. The beginning scene where the girls are in the locker room showers was at Santa Paula high school in the girl's gym

  3. That's what I thought bcuz it looks familiar, but why is it saying it's was another school?

  4. Sue Snell’s house was demolished in 2006 to make way for a new build.

    The address is 773 Amalfi Dr, Pacific Palisades, CA

    The only picture I could find is here.

  5. Thanks for sharing the valuable info

  6. The scene where the car flips over and explodes was filmed on:

    Canyon View Dr, Santa Clarita
    34.424165, -118.480758

  7. Can you do a filming locations Stephen King's The Langoliers and The Stand?

    1. The best person to E-mail is my friend Robert from the Set-Jetter Website.