Southland: Season 4 - Episode 1 "Wednesday"

  • (0:01)  Detective Lydia Adams Getting An Unexpected Visitor At Her House / 570 S. Arroyo Blvd, Pasadena

  • (0:03)  Officer Ben Sherman Eating Breakfast On The Sidewalk / Casbah Cafe; 3900 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles (Note: The Sunset Junction Sign Is Located On The Southeast Corner Of Sunset Blvd And Sanborn Avenue)

  • (0:06)  The Police Station / 900 N. Alameda Street, Los Angeles (Note: This Is Not A Real Police Station)

  • (0:07)  Lydia Adams Picking Up Detective Ruben Robinson At His House / 735 Milford Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:10)  Officer John Cooper And His New Partner Officer Jessica Tang Pull Over A Reckless Driver / 5151 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles (Note: They Are Facing East When The Driver's Unhappy Mother Pulls Up To Scold Him And When They First Spot The Reckless Driver He Is Turning East On Hollywood Blvd From N. Normandie Avenue)

  • (0:11)  Officer Ben Sherman And Officer Sammy Bryant Spot The Shooters In An Alley / The Officers Are Traveling North On S. Concord Street And The Alley Is On The Right Between 8th Street And Estrada Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:12)  The Shooter Entering A School / Dacotah Street Combination Center; 3142 Lydia Drive, Los Angeles

  • (0:13)  Officers Cooper And Tang Coming Out Of A Coffee Shop / Hollywood Bazaar; 6701 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

  • (0:15)  Spot Where The First Shooter Is Killed In The Alley / Behind 3319 And 3323 Estrada Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:18)  Officer Cooper Stopping A Car That Is Going Backwards In Circles / Southwest Corner Of Hollywood Blvd And El Centro Avenue, Hollywood (Note: There Is Now A Building In The Parking Lot Making It Impossible To Recreate The Correct Angle For Pictures)

  • (0:21)  Officers Sherman And Bryant Spotting An Assault Against A Wall / The Officers Are Traveling South On Maie Avenue, Watts (Note: The Foot Pursuit Begins Down An Alley Going East Between 113th Street And 114th Street From Maie Avenue)

  • (0:24)  The Assailant Being Struck By The Truck While Running Out Of A Different Alley / Compton Avenue And E. 113th Street, Watts

  • (0:24)  Officers Cooper And Tang Pulling Over A Possible Drunk Driver / 6250 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

  • (0:27)  Detective Adams Upset With Her Informant In Front Of A House / 1759 E. 115th Street, Watts

  • (0:28)  Officers Cooper And Tang Pulling Up To Truck Norris To Attempt To Get Some Food / 6450 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

  • (0:40)  Detective Adams Learning That Her Informant Is Dead On The Beach / Venice Beach; Straight West Of 1600 Ocean Front Walk, Venice (Note: This Is Straight West Of Where Windward Avenue Ends)

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