Gilmore Girls: Season 6 - Episode 9; "The Prodigal Daughter Returns"

  • (0:09)  Lorelai Briefly Locked Out Of Her House / Warner Bros; Just Off Of Midwest Residential Street, Burbank

  • (0:12)  Rory Over At Lane's Apartment / Warner Bros; Midwest Street, Burbank (Note: Most Of The Interior Of The House Has Changed A Lot Since The Episode Was Made And Is Not Recognizable)

  • (0:23)  Rory Trying To Get A Job At The Stamford Eagle Gazette Newspaper / Warner Bros; Bridge Building, 3rd Floor, Burbank (Note: The Building Is Off Limits For Tours)

  • (0:37)  Luke Going To April's Science Fair / First Christian Church; 4390 Colfax Avenue, Studio City (Note: Yes I Took The Second Picture The Wrong Way As I Needed The Door On The Left And Not On The Right.  Maybe Some Day I Will Get Back There To Correct That)

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