Gilmore Girls: Season 5 - Episode 1; "Say Goodbye To Daisy Miller"

  • (0:26)  Rory Meeting With Dean At Miss Patty's / Warner Bros; French Street, Burbank (Note: This Building Has Since Been Removed To Make Room For The Replacement Of The "Friends" Fountain)

  • (0:29)  Rory Visiting Lane And Interrupting Band Practice / Warner Bros; Midwest Residential Street, Burbank (Note: Most Of The Interior Of The House Has Changed A Lot Since The Episode Was Made And Is Not Recognizable)

  • (0:33)  The Butcher Shop / Midwest Street, Warner Brothers. Burbank (Note: This Is On The Small Street Behind Doose's Market)

  • (0:39)  The Airport / Warner Bros; Bridge Building, Burbank

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  1. I was at WB this summer. Stars Hollow is now doubling as the town in Heart of Dixie or in Pretty Little Liars. Made me sad. Although I did get a picture with me and my girls in the gazebo so that made it worth the trip.