Gilmore Girls: Season 1 - Episode 19; "Emily In Wonderland"

  • (0:14)  The Dragonfly / Warner Brothers Ranch (Note: The Ranch Is Closed To The Public And Has Since Been Leveled To Make Room For New Soundstages So This Building Is No Longer Standing)

  • (0:20)  Rory Showing Emily The Grounds At The Independence Inn / Warner Bros; The Jungle, Burbank

  • (0:21)  The Potting Shed / Warner Bros; The Jungle, Burbank


  1. I just discovered today that The Dragonfly was originally the Walton's house! I've been watching reruns of both, one after the other (GG at 4 PM, The Waltons at 5 PM) all year long and never noticed this until I read that the Walton's house was used on Gilmore Girls at this site:

    Now, the pieces have come together with your picture of the Dragonfly. My two favourite shows and I never noticed this! Wow. Thank you.

  2. Sucks they torn down the Waltons and Dragonfly!!!