Gilmore Girls: Season 1 - Episode 10; "Forgiveness And Stuff"

  • (0:02)  Everyone Inside Miss Patty's Getting Fitted With Costumes / Warner Bros; French Street, Burbank (Note: This Building Is No Longer There As It Was Removed To Make Room For The "Friends" Fountain To Be Relocated)

  • (0:04)  Lane Meeting Rory At The Gazebo / Warner Bros; Midwest Street, Burbank (Note: The Camera Is Looking South Toward The High School)

  • (0:23)  The Hospital / North Hollywood Medical Center; 12629 Riverside Drive, North Hollywood (Note: The Hospital Has Since Been Torn Down)


  1. I was able to confirm across multiple points that this episode was indeed shot in the old North Hollywood Medical Center. I have an intimate knowledge of that place, considering it is one of my current 3d model projects. I can also tell you that this episode was shot on the second floor :o)

    1. Hello, thanks for confirming this location. Sorry for the late reply.

  2. Note that this building was the home of Scrubs, as well as any number of other hospital shoots, especially after it closed as a functional medical center.