The Good Girl

Thank You to Owen From The When Write Is Wrong Website For Finding The Last Residence And For Finding Bubba's House

Thank You To Mike From The Movie Shots LA Website For Tracking Down Many Of The Locations


  1. I ran across your excellent site while researching the centenary of filmmaking in the harbor area. The swimming hole from The Good Girl looks like Machado Lake [aka, Harbor Lake, Bixby Slough, N*g*r Slough], which is located just south of the church in the next scene. The lake has a long association with Hollywood—it’s where Lillian Gish raced her chariot in 1916’s Intolerance and Theda Bara vamped in 1917’s Cleopatra. In the 1940s it was Hollywood’s go-to place for anyone doing “water work,” where Benton Roberts’ 3-story warehouse/workshop and charter service supplied one-stop shopping for maritime props, boats (everything from cabin cruisers and yachts to gondolas, sampans, dories, dinghies, longboats, kayaks and dugout canoes), and custom-built full-scale models for every studio. The lake also has historical and scientific significance. As the nearest watering hole to the harbor, it was important to seafarers and travelers to the LA pueblo in the 1700s and early 1800s, and later had a notorious roadhouse. Today, it is the last remnant of the area’s once expansive wetlands (the rest has been converted into the industrial ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach) and, despite pollution from street runoff (swimming, fishing and boating have been forbidden for decades), it is reputed to have the highest biodiversity of anywhere in the United States—partially due to abandoned pets, like its most famous one-time resident, Reggie the alligator.

  2. The filming location for "The Pond That Holden Swims In" was the Carlisle Inlet section of Lake Sherwood in Westlake Village, CA. This is a small arm that extends to the south from the southern shore of Lake Sherwood and used to be a popular spot for filming until a private developer starting building a golf course and such on the site.