E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

There Is A Website Dedicated To The Filming Locations Of This Movie Called E.T. On The Set Go Check It Out As It Has A Nice Video Of The Locations Comparing Them To How They Look Today

All Of The Following Pictures Are Courtesy Of Owen Lockwood,  Thank You!!

Thank You To Owen From The When Write Is Wrong Website For Finding The Bus Stop Location

Notice:  I Reviewed The 2002 Re-released Version Of The Movie So The Time Stamps And Locations May Be Different From The Original Version

  • (0:06)  Space Ship Leaving ET On Earth And Other Scenes In The Woods / They Were Filmed In Northern California

  • (0:07)  The Family Home / 7121 Lonzo Drive, Tujunga

  • (0:39)  Looking Down On The Neighborhood / Wilbur Tampa Park; Between Braemore Road And Brasilia Drive, Porter Ranch

  • (0:44)  The Bus Stop / Northwest Corner Of Capistrano Lane And Vista Grand Way, Porter Ranch

  • (1:05)  Trick Or Treating / Granada Circle And Killimore Avenue, Porter Ranch (Note: There Are Two Spots Where The Roads Meet And In This Case It Is The One Where Granada Circle Does Not Come To A "T"  Also, They Are Walking South On Granada Circle As They Approach The Intersection When ET Sees Yoda)

  • (1:11)  The Toilet Papered House / 18967 Granada Circle, Porter Ranch

  • (1:17)  Michael Riding The Bike While A Blue Car Is Shown Following Him / Heading West On Killimore Avenue Passing The Brasilla Drive Intersection, Porter Ranch

  • (1:17)  Michael Making A Turn While Being Followed By The Blue Car / Heading Southwest On Killimore Avenue And Turning Left Onto Viking Avenue, Porter Ranch

  • (1:17)  Michael Riding The Bike Behind A House And Then He Rides Up A Small Hill To Get Away From The Car / 19023 Rinaldi Street, Northridge

  • (1:42)  Where The Bubble Gets Released From The Van / They Are Turning Right Onto Killimore Avenue From Granada Circle, Porter Ranch (Note: This Time It Is The Intersection That Comes To A "T")

  • (1:43)  Going To The Playground / Porter Ridge Park; Reseda Blvd At Sesnon Blvd, Porter Ridge

  • (1:44)  Spot Where The Police Start To Chase The Bikes / Turning Right Onto Killimore Avenue From Calle Vista Circle, Porter Ranch (Note: They Then Turn And Go In Between 11874 And 11870 Killimore Avenue)

  • (1:44)  Next They Are In The Intersection At Beaufait Avenue And Darby Avenue, Porter Ranch (Note: Elliott And ET Turn North Onto Beaufait Avenue While The Rest Head Northeast On The Hills)  (Note: This Area Has Since Been Built Up With Houses So Don't Expect To Find Any Dirt Hills Anymore)

  • (1:45)  The Car Waiting For The Bikes To Come To The Bottom Of The Hill / 11940 Beaufait Avenue, Porter Ranch

  • (1:45)  The Boys Then Turn Left Onto Celtic Way From Eddleston Drive, Porter Ranch (Note: They Ride Behind The Corner House At 11860 Eddleston Drive)

  • (1:46)  The Bikes Start To Fly / Just North Of The Intersection Of White Oak Avenue And Tulsa Street, Granada Hills (Note: They Are Heading North On White Oak Avenue As They Leave The Ground)


  1. very interesting. longtime e.t. lover

  2. Me hicieron recordar mi niñes jeje

  3. Very interesting info. I'm a huge ET Fan myself!

  4. very good! sorta blows you away that the film was made over 30 years ago just watched it last night!

  5. I've lived in Granada Hills ten years and never new. White Oak is just around the corner from me. I drive it everyday - It is one of me favorite streets.... NOW I know why

  6. Just before take-off in the bike chase, how do you know they were riding north on White Oak Avenue? Most other reports suggest/show south, and I would like to know before my visit. Thanks!

    1. There is a house at 10879 that has a hexagon looking type of window at its side. I based it off of that house. I asked my friend Owen to also look at it to see if he agrees.

    2. Well, you have the house number wrong, Chas (it’s 10869), but I agree that the “hexagon looking type of window” is a good marker.

      Here is something else that shows the boys are riding north on White Oak Avenue: If they were traveling south, the trees wouldn’t match the way they do with the screen capture and my photo. Specifically, if they were traveling south, the tree we would see on the corner would be the one in front of 10902 White Oak. That is a distinct tree with lots of trunks, including one that juts out toward the house. The tree in the background in the movie, on the other hand, has a much more “basic” look, matching the one in front of 10881 White Oak.

      And finally — and perhaps most telling — go back and watch the scene and pause when the camera is right behind Elliot and shows him from the back. (That is, the camera is facing the same direction the boys are traveling.) Well, there is a tree at the corner on the right side of the screen. It has a thick branch that juts out toward the street and then goes up. This tree still looks the same. It’s in front of 10878 White Oak.

      I don’t care what “the Internet” reports. This site’s information is correct; the boys are traveling north on White Oak.

    3. Thanks Owen. Yes mine was a typo. Owen is correct. 10869

  7. I believe E.T created a gas leak here not too long ago .

  8. Where was the scene filmed where ET was found in the river, just underneath a bridge

    1. Was wondering this too. And the forestry scenes?!?

    2. Hallo! i tinkin em his d Fort Dick Redwoods forest , I was sAw or read somewhere that , but it was saying, is on a private land so can not go to the exact location of , from my understand. Hope is help! I wish to , also, visit that locations as well, was my most favourite picture as child !