My Bodyguard

  • (0:01)  Clifford Riding By A Lady With A Dog Plus A Strange Building Is Seen In The Background / 1520 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago

  • (0:03)  Clifford Arriving At The Hotel / Ambassador East Hotel; 1301 N. State Parkway, Chicago

  • (0:11)  Clifford Arriving At School / Lake View High School; 4015 N. Ashland Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:39)  Rowing A Boat On A Pond / Lincoln Park Zoo South Pond; 2001 N. Clark Street, Chicago

  • (0:44)  Clifford Being Chased Out Of A Diner Luring The Bullies Across The Street To Meet His Bodyguard / 3953 N. Ashland Avenue, Chicago (Note: Alley Is Roughly 3946 N. Ashland Avenue)

  • (0:54)  Clifford Following Linderman And Linderman's Garage (Note: This Was The Maxwell Street Area Of Chicago And It Has Been Totally Redone Since The Movie Was Made)

  • (1:14)  Linderman Gets Bullied And Has His Motercycle Rolled Into The Pond / Lincoln Park Zoo; 2001 N. Clark Street, Chicago (Note: This Is Where The Final Fight Scene Takes Place)

  • (1:17)  Linderman's House / Roughly 2141 N. Bingham Street, Chicago (Note: The House Number Seen In The Movie Was Fake)


  1. Hey Chas,

    I'm curious about something about this movie. The cover of the "My Bodyguard" DVD, which you can see on IMDB or Amazon or elsewhere, shows a high school, but it's not Lake View. I haven't seen this movie in a l-o-n-g time, so I'm wondering if that school on the DVD cover is actually seen in the movie or was just used as cover art. If it was used, I'm wondering what school that is.


  2. I could be wrong, but I believe I went to a party last summer in the house shown at 2141 North Bingham. Small world.

    1. It was my childhood home. They rented the house from us:)

    2. That is cool. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Was a great film. I have been to a few Miami Vice film locations.

  4. Chicago and los angles film house is nice. especially i like your house building.

  5. The house at 1520 N. Dearborn was also used in Code of Silence.