Weird Science

Thank You To Owen From The When Write Is Wrong Website For Figuring Out The Police Chase Sequence Locations

  • (0:19)  Exterior Of The Kandy Bar / Somewhere On A Studio Back Lot But That Is Just A Guess

  • (0:35)  The Mall Exterior / Northbrook Court Mall; 2171 Northbrook Court, Northbrook

  • (0:42)  Gary's House / 1200 Linden Avenue, Highland Park

  • (0:44)  Wyatt's House / 280 Cedar Avenue, Highland Park (Note: The House Has Since Been Torn Down And Replaced With Another House)

  • (1:19)  Gary Being Chased By The Police / He Is Driving North On Saint Johns Avenue, The Police Car Is Sitting On Mulberry Place Near The Viaduct, He Turns Right Onto Central Avenue, The Railroad Tracks He Crosses Is On Lincoln Avenue West Coming Up To Lincoln Place, Highland Park

  • (1:21)  Gary Turns And Drives Right Next To His Parents / Gary Is Driving East On Linden Avenue And Turns Right Or South On Forest Avenue, Highland Park

  • (1:22)  Hilly's House / 1445 Sheridan Road, Highland Park (Note: The House His Since Been Torn Down And Replaced)

  • (1:22)  Deb's House / 1150 Linden Avenue, Highland Park

  • (1:30)  The High School / Niles East High School; 7701 Lincoln Avenue, Skokie (Note: School Has Since Been Torn Down)

Ordinary People

  • (0:02)   Walking Bridge Seen In The Opening Credits / Still Searching For This Location

  • (0:02)  Gazebo Seen In Opening Credits / Southwest Corner Of Where E. Center Avenue And E. Scranton Avenue Meet, Lake Bluff (Note: It Looks To Be Part Of Artesian Park)

  • (0:02)  Church Seen / First Presbyterian Church; 700 N. Sheridan Road, Lake Forest

  • (0:03)  School Exterior / Lake Forest High School; 1285 N. McKinley Road, Lake Forest

  • (0:10)  The Family House / 1199 Lincoln Avenue S, Highland Park

  • (0:14)  The Swimming Pool / Lake Forest College; 555 N. Sheridan Road, Lake Forest

  • (0:16)  Dr. Berger's Office / 1866 Sheridan Road, Highland Park

  • (0:30)  The House That Hosted The Party / 880 N. Green Bay Road, Lake Forest

  • (0:37)  Conrad And Karen Meeting At A Restaurant / Walker Brothers Pancake House; 153 Green Bay Road, Wilmette

  • (0:48)  Calvin Walking In Downtown Chicago / They Are Walking East Along The North Side Of The Chicago River With The N. Wabash Avenue Bridge In The Background, Chicago

  • (1:03)  Conrad Happily Walking Through A Park And Singing To A Deer Statue / Triangle Park; 401 Walnut Road, Lake Forest (Note: He Is Walking In A Southwest Direction)

  • (1:15)  Calvin Jogging / Forest Park Path Running North, Lake Forest (Note: The Scene Begins Near The Intersection Of The Path And Spring Lane)

  • (1:23)  Scene In The Mall / Northbrook Court Mall; 2171 Northbrook Court, Northbrook

  • (1:26)  Jeannie's House / 308 Scott Street, Lake Forest

  • (1:32)  The Golf Course In Houston / Still Searching For This Location