• (0:01) The Boys Playing Football In The Snow / West Of Front Street And South Of Standard Avenue, Whiting (Note: That Area Is Now A Parking Lot And The Railroad Track They Run Over On The Way Home Has Since Been Removed)

  • (0:04) The Reuttiger Residence / 1718 E. 119th Street, Whiting

  • (0:08) The Last Practice For High School / The Old Saint Rita High School; 63rd Street And Claremont Avenue, Chicago (Note: The School Has Since Moved to A New Location and Most Of The Building And The Football Field Has Been Removed)

  • (0:15) Rudy And Sherry Go To Look At A House / 2209 S. Scott Street, South Bend

  • (0:16) The Bar / Game Time; 1708 119th Street, Whiting

  • (0:19) The Church For The Funeral / St. Casimir Parish; 1308 W. Dunham Blvd, South Bend

  • (0:22) The Greyhound Bus Station / 410 S. Walnut Street, South Bend (Note: This Building Has Since Been Torn Down)

  • (0:25) Seeing The Guard On the Notre Dame Campus / The Gate Was Fake and Made To Look Like It Was Located At The Circle At The End Of Notre Dame Avenue, South Bend

  • (0:26) Rudy Seeing The Priest / Corby Hall At Notre Dame; Corby Drive At Saint Mary's Drive, South Bend

  • (0:29) Rudy Looking Around Campus And Then Sees The Exterior Of The Football Stadium / University Of Notre Dame Stadium; Moose Krause Circle, South Bend (Note: View Seen Here Is From The Other Side Of The Stadium)

  • (0:33) Rudy In Class Over At Holy Cross / Holy Cross Blvd At Holy Cross Parkway, South Bend

  • (0:33) Rudy In The Classroom / O'Shaughnessy Hall At Notre Dame; Room 118

  • (0:35) Rudy Talking With D-Bob About Getting D-Bob A Date / O'Shaughnessy Hall At Notre Dame; South End Of Saint Joseph Drive, South Bend

  • (0:37) The Practice Facility / East Edge Of Moose Krause Circle East Of The Joyce Center, South Bend

  • (0:39) Rudy Asking Girls To Date D-Bob / The Archway Is Lyons Hall At Notre Dame; Holy Cross Drive Near Dorr Road Intersection, South Bend

  • (0:39) Rudy Still Hitting On The Lady Students / Hesburgh Library At Notre Dame; Middle Of Campus Just North Of The Football Stadium, South Bend

  • (0:40) The Dining Room / South Dining Hall At Notre Dame

  • (0:45) Exterior Of Rudy's Room Where He Is Sleeping / Somewhere Inside Of the University Of Notre Dame Stadium (Note: This Was The Old Exterior Of The Stadium Before It Was Renovated And Expanded. They Built A New Perimeter When They Added Seats And This Is Part Of The Old Perimeter)

  • (0:49) Campus Bar / Corby's Irish Pub; 441 E. La Salle Avenue, South Bend

  • (0:55) Rudy Lighting The Candles / The Grotto Of Notre Dame; Near Holly Cross Drive And Colby Drive, South Bend

  • (0:55) Rudy Going For His Mail Looking For An Acceptance Letter To Notre Dame / O'Shaunnessy Hall At Notre Dame (Note: The Mail Area Has Been Changed And Is No Longer There And There Is A Small Room With Art On The Walls Now)

  • (1:01) Rudy Having A Talk With The Priest In The Church / Basilica At Notre Dame; Near Holy Cross Drive And Colby Drive, South Bend

  • (1:03) Rudy Reading His Notre Dame Acceptance Letter / Moreau Seminary At Notre Dame; Moreau Drive, South Bend (Note: The Bench Is Obviously Different Now)

  • (1:11) Rudy Learns He Made The Football Team / Joyce Center Garage, South Bend

  • (1:24) Rudy Saying Goodbye To D-Bob / Other Side Of Moreau Seminary At Notre Dame; Moreau Drive, South Bend

  • (1:38) Rudy Finally Going Out That Tunnel / Notre Dame Stadium At Notre Dame


  1. What steel mill was in the movie that Rudy and his family worked at?

  2. That was in Lemont,Il at the old Thomas Steel,then AuSteel,and finally Slater/Lemont located on New Ave and Ceco Rd.The building still stands,but is no longer a steel plant.It is just across the BNSF tracks.It is now used a warehouse for road salt storage.

    1. I was just working in that area the other day. Do you know the adress on New Ave?

    2. Sorry for the delay on the address,it is 12228 New Ave,the entrance is opposite the Warehouse on Wheels location,go West across the CN tracks and then continue across the BNSF tracks,the plant is right in front of you at that point.

    3. I was working at Thomas Steel when they filmed this.

  3. Rudy's sleeping room is in Notre Dame Stadium. Probably a maintenance room.

  4. I am going to Notre Dame this weekend and your list is INCREDIBLY helpful in picking out the exact places in the movie. Thank you so much! I hope to take a lot of these same pics for myself. :) GO IRISH!

  5. The church of the funeral is St. Casimir's Parish in South Bend.

    1. Thank you for the info as I have now added the info to the page. Thanks again.

  6. The place 'movie-Rudy' slept/climbed into the window would be inside ND stadium today if that exact location is still accessible.

    Here's a pic of the stadium before '97 that shows the same color brick and the 3 window/opening design and would have been how the stadium looked during filming in 1992:

    Here's some pics of the stadium as it stands today. Note the 4th picture that shows people walking around as you can see the outside of the old stadium inside the new stadium:

    Hope it helps and Go IRISH!!!

    1. Thank you for the info. I guessed this was true but I have yet to get inside to take a look for myself to confirm it. When I do I will look for the exact spot to take a picture of it.

      Thanks again for contributing.

  7. There was a working USS steel mill in Joliet IL at the time the movie takes place but was long since closed when filming.

  8. Please verify the location of Rudy's hometown tavern. I believe it is Joe's Tavern in South Bend, IN.

  9. Definitely Joe's check out Joe's Tavern South Bend on facebook. Some of the photos are from the filming.

  10. Loved it all. Did the game he could not get in was vs Northwestern?

  11. I was at an Anaheim Angels, Cleveland Indians baseball game in LA where we Chanted RUDY, RUDY, RUDY for a recording company. This was used at the end of the movie when the crowd was chanting his name to enter the game